If you are looking to save money on household items, buying on eBay is a great way to go.

In this post, we will list 10 items that you should consider purchasing from eBay! Some of these items are second-hand and others are brand new products.

Before we list our top ten best items to purchase on eBay, we will cover a few eBay hacks to help you score the best deals.

eBay Tips and Tricks

First, check the seller’s feedback. If the seller has high ratings and reviews, then there is a better chance that the product will be in good condition.

Second, make sure to message the seller if you need more details or have questions about the product. This is a great way to get a feel for the quality of a seller’s items!

These additional handy hacks will make shopping for deals much more accessible.

Negotiate with eBay Sellers

There are two ways to negotiate with eBay sellers. You can either bid on auction-style items and haggle your preferred price or make an offer for fixed-priced goods.

Many sellers are flexible in regards to pricing if you initiate a conversation!

Automate eBay Bids

eBay will increase your bids in increments when someone else places a higher offer on an item you bid on.

For example, if you set the maximum allowable price to $50 for jeans and an auction ends with only one other bidder at $30, then by default, eBay would charge your account $31—you wouldn’t have to move a muscle! Let the system do all the work!

Bookmark Instead of Using the eBay Watch Feature

To avoid the anxiety of auctions, don’t watch.

Bookmark the page and use the eBay app on your phone to keep tabs on what’s happening with bids. This way, competitive bidders won’t know how many people are bidding for that item!

If you do use the watch feature, you may tip other bidders off and they may bid the item higher!

Track Keywords with Stuff Alert

Stuff Alert is a free service that helps you stay on top of your eBay items. You can receive an email notification for specific products, and it even alerts you when the product is available at your desired price!

Find the Best eBay Deals

GetItNext is a tool to refine eBay searches and find deals. It has a “Find A Deal” tab that displays listings with 0 bids or less than 4 hours left, so that you can come in at the perfect time!

Another similar site, BayCrazy, allows users to search by ending bid times during off-peak periods when no one else is awake.

Top 10 Items to Buy on eBay

Now that you’re an expert on navigating eBay deals, let’s dive into the top ten more affordable items on eBay than in stores or at Amazon.

Gift Cards

If you need a new gift card, you can find tons of discounted cards on eBay. Some are up to 30% off! Buying one is an easy way to save money no matter what your shopping plans are this season!

Athletic Clothes

If you’re looking for a steal on like-new athleisure clothing, take heed of eBay’s deals.

Shop online at any hour of the day and nab discounts from top name brands such as Nike, Adidas, or Lululemon!


You can get great deals on jeans from your favorite brand, thanks to eBay! Just search for the brands that interest you and enter your size.

Beauty Products

Save big by discovering eBay’s sample size beauty products. You’ll be amazed at how cheap you can get high-quality name-brand skincare and makeup.

Pet Medications

Did you know that there are brand-name flea and tick treatments for your pets on eBay? The prices can be $10-20 cheaper than other retailers.

Razor Blades and Cartridges

Razor cartridge refills often come with a hefty price tag, but eBay can be your best friend when it comes to cutting costs.

You could pay $36 for 8 Gillette Fusion ProShield Chill cartridges at Target or just $20 on eBay!


Get the best of both worlds when you buy your next planned purchase with a discount coupon from eBay. They have coupons for every store imaginable, so there is no need to spend more than necessary!

Electronic Accessories

eBay offers a vast selection of premium phone cases at affordable prices! Top designs for any device are available without emptying your wallet.


Save money by buying your trusted brand of batteries in bulk on eBay!

Craft Supplies

Buying craft supplies in bulk is a great way to save money. eBay has deals on everything, from glitter to glue sticks!


This list of 10 items to buy on eBay is an excellent place for you to start. You can save money by purchasing clothing, gift cards, and household necessities at lower prices than in stores or online sites like Amazon.

Plus, there are so many deals that come up every day, it’s nearly impossible not to find something worth your while!

Image by Natee Meepian via Shutterstock.com