IKEA is often praised for its delicious meatballs, an unexpected (but delightful) surprise in a homewares store right? But IKEA is also top of the market for designing and creating homewares that are both beautiful and functional in addition to being quality and cheap. IKEA blends all the designs you want into gorgeous products.

True to its Scandinavian style, IKEA is the master of multi-functional design—with many of its products serving more than one purpose and surprising customers with their ability to adapt to their individual needs and fit perfectly into their homes.

It can be a common misconception that cheap equals poor quality, but let us prove you wrong by showing you our favorite quality, durable and beautiful designs from IKEA (that also happen to fit almost any budget!).

1. A Stream-Lined Plant Stand

Made of galvanized steel and solid pine, this sleek plant stand is reviewed highly for its durability and stylish design.

The VANILJSTÅNG Plant Stand will fit virtually anywhere in your home whether displayed next to a sunny window or tucked onto the smallest balcony.


Space-saving and stylish this product is not only environmentally friendly, made of recyclable materials, but also an excellent item to display your beloved plants.

2. This Versatile and Durable Bench

This bench is the ultimate multi-function piece. Often used as storage, seating, a coffee table or tv stand it can adapt to your home’s needs and is sturdy enough for the toughest of jobs, holding both your collection of books and seating for guests all at once.

This bench also has the cool feature of being on casters, meaning you can quickly and easily (without any help) move this item throughout your home making its multi-function use simple.

The casters are lockable meaning when this bench is in the position it is safe and sturdy to be stood, sat, or laid on. There’s no risk in placing your valuables upon this bench and it will stand steady for anything you choose to use it for.

3. An Armrest Tray for Maximizing Space

Made of bamboo a fast-growing natural resource, this nifty little piece is as environmentally friendly as it is handy!

This tray is flexible and strong made to be draped over the armrest of our living room suites to create a convenient place for your morning cup of coffee, an easily accessible spot for the remote, or a console for your movie snacks.

With a 100% cotton liner under the tray, your couch covers will be protected from the durable bamboo tray.

Not only will this armrest tray quickly become something you wondered how you ever lived without, but it will fit seamlessly into whatever style choice you have chosen in your living room.

4. The Extremely Popular Utility Cart

If you’re familiar with IKEA products you have probably seen RÅSHULT cart on a lot of the top IKEA products lists. For good reason! This list would not be complete without the inclusion of this incredibly adjustable and adaption piece.

This utility carry has infinite uses around the home, useful in the kitchen, bathroom, office, or bedroom it can easily hold anything you need to have nearby and within quick reach. Popular as a moveable nappy caddy for parents it can hold everything you might need.

With adjustable shelves, this 3-tier cart comes in a handful of simple color choices so you can suit it to your home design with ease. Made of steel with an epoxy coating, it is easy and simple to paint to a more specific color if you wanted something more bright and colorful.

Mounted on casters this cart is seamless to move around the home from room to room providing a surprising amount of valuable extra storage.

5. This Incredible Pillow/Wearable Blanket

Now this one is truly unique. Not something you see every day, the FÄLTMAL pillow/quilt transforms into a wearable quilt with arms! This insane invention stays true to IKEA’s famous theme of multi-functional products. It can sit as an innocent pillow but quickly unzip to a cozy blanket.

Made from waterproof (and recycled!) polyester this might just make a great gift for our adventurous outdoor friends.

All of us who have been working at home know just how chilly you can get sitting at your computer working. A normal blanket still exposes your arms as you reach out to type.

If you want to avoid pumping up your heating bill, this transformable blanket may be the key. With well-placed buttons and fasteners, this quilt will stay put as you move about the home or reach or your cup of tea.

Maybe take it off for the zoom meeting though?

6. A Simple but Perfect Glass Jar

If this just looks like a basic jar to you, then you are right. But never underestimate the value of a simple jar in the home.

The jar is made from glass with a bamboo lid with is both stylish and eco-friendly. This jar will fill all of your storage needs without breaking the bank. Airtight and durable this jar has stood the test of time and is an absolute staple in the homes of many.

With virtually endless uses your home is not truly complete till you have this beautiful and useful storage option for your kitchen and bathroom. Keeping your essential products fresh and dry, extending their shelf life, and saving you money in the long run.

7. An Ingenious Watering Can

Now, this next product is the definition of a “thing I didn’t know I needed”.

I cannot believe all this time I have got by without this crazy smart watering can/vase. I have been creating a mess around my plants at watering time by using random items to distribute water.

This functional but decorative piece is designed so beautifully that it can be used to display your flowers but its design is practical.

With a rounded shape perfectly sized for your hand and a tapered spout to direct water perfectly and cleanly, the CHILIFRUKT makes an awesome and beautiful watering can.

8. Simple but Quality Cookware Set

Kit out your kitchen for cheap at IKEA! The FRYSTER cookware set has everything you need to get cooking for cheap while maintaining ease and quality.

The set comes with 2 pots of differing sizes and one fry pan, each with its own lid! The lid is equipped with a steam vent so forget about your pot of pasta boiling over or your kitchen getting covered in oil splatter. You can leave that mess behind you with this simple set.

The rounded interior makes sure your stirring and beating don’t leave anything behind. For this price, why wouldn’t you want this lovely set? Not to mention it comes in a lovely pastel blue color for those wanting to add some warmth of color to their kitchen.

9. This Sleek Desk

Working from home has been a real challenge for those with smaller spaces. This desk is the answer to all your problems! With a lot of functionality packed into a small package, this wee desk will fit in the most convenient of free spaces in your home to create a cozy work or study nook.

This piece is part of a modular series called MICKE so can easily be combined with other desk or drawer pieces to create something purpose-built for your needs. With clever designs such as a place to hide messy cables at the back of the desk, this piece is a no-brainer.

This sleek desk will have you leaving the days of working or studying on the family dining table behind you! It will be a key to creating a distraction-free office space even with limited space to boost your productivity.

10. A Stylish Storage Basket

In this world of many “things” storage in the home is absolutely vital! The RISATORP wire basket will meet many important functions of practical (and stylish) storage. Made of see-through mesh, you can see everything that is in this basket so there is no way things can get lost in the bottom of boxes and basket never to be seen any.

This feature also comes in handy when this basket is used to store fruit on your counter as the wire provides ventilation to reduce the rate of rot and save you money on your grocery bill. No more rotten apples found forgotten at the bottom of your old fruit bowl.

With a sturdy birch handle not only does this basket sit looking beautiful on a shelf, but it has practical uses also. Take it with you to the farmers market for your weekly fruit and veggie shop. When you get home you don’t even need to unpack, put the basket straight on the bench for storage.

11. Practical and Pretty Laundry Basket

Aren’t we all just looking for a way to hide our mess around the home? Nothing is messier than the accumulation of dirty clothes, easily tossed around the room landing on the floor and nearby armchairs. The BRANÄS rattan laundry basket is durable enough to take clothes being thrown at it and is a vital addition to every bedroom and bathroom.

This basket has a removable inner liner that makes laundry a breeze by taking clothes straight to the washing machine without the gross task of scooping up dirty clothes in your arms. Just remove the liner and dump it directly into your machine.

Not only is this laundry basket quality for cheap, but it is also insanely stylish. Rattan look is “in” at the moment and this handwoven and unique basket will add a touch of warmth and rustic style to your place, making a house a home with ease.

So is it time for you to plan your next trip to IKEA or what? Make sure you put aside a full day. Getting lost in the maze of incredible products is hard to avoid and there is no way you can visit without staying for lunch.

Image by Tooykrub via Shutterstock.com