Aldi is a…different store. It is not your average super market. There are certain rules you need to know!

  • First, it is much smaller than the major supermarket chains.
  • Second, it has many off-brand products.
  • Lastly, you have to pay for shopping bags.

Some may wonder if it is cheaper than other stores. The answer is yes, Aldi is significantly cheaper than most other grocery stores on many items.

Some items, like meat, run about the same price as other stores. Yet, the savings is awesome for those who know the five frugal secrets of shopping at Aldi.

Here is what you need to know.

1. Three Items That Cheaper at Aldi Than Anywhere Else

  1. Bread
  2. Dairy products
  3. Produce

The bread is regularly priced at 87 or 88 cents. This price is much cheaper than other stores. The average price for a loaf of bread is $1.24 to $1.48. However, you can get Aldi bread even cheaper.

Look at the expiration dates on the bread. Aldi discounts bread down to 50 cents a loaf when it is within five days of its expiration. If that is in a couple of days, come back and get it cheaper. You can always buy a couple of loaves and freeze one.

Dairy products are always cheaper at Aldi. Their milk, which is usually locally sourced, runs around $1.89 a gallon, much cheaper than the $2.40 at other stores. It is also fresher than other big store brands since it is locally sourced.

Other items like cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt are cheaper as well.

Aldi has a small produce section but it is all most people need. It is fresh and even the pre-packaged produce is of great quality. One pricing example is bananas that are 24 cents a pound at Aldi, while they cost an average of 55 cents a pound at major retailers.

Strawberries are priced at $1.50 at Aldi while they are close to $3 for the same package at brand-name grocers—read more from Delish.

2. Shop on Wednesday and Sunday

Aldi puts out its new products on Wednesdays. It adds up to 50 news items to the store, with many of those on the Aldi Finds section. The finds aisle includes test products, specialty items, and seasonal items—it is always worth checking out.

Wednesdays are also the days the store brings out the new produce, so there are always sales on that aisle.

Sundays are another good day to shop at Aldi because that is when workers restock the Aldi’s Hot Deals aisle, which has major discounts on items. It’s important to act fast on the deals because they sell out quickly, usually by the end of the day Monday.

Aldi has a website where you can check out the weekly deals and that is always helpful as you are making your grocery list since the store changes sales a good bit.

3. Meat Is Cheaper If You Buy in Bulk

This may not surprise anyone, especially those who shop at box stores. However, there are two sizes of meat generally available at Aldi. There is one size perfect for two people and one size that will feed four people. It is a little cheaper to get the bigger size and cut it down to freeze half at home.

One of the best proteins for sale at Aldi is their fresh salmon. It comes as a side or as a half side and you can get it marinated or plain. Its price is consistently cheaper than even the frozen salmon at the larger chain stores.

4. You Don’t Save on Toiletries

This is one area in Aldi where there aren’t substantial savings. Most toiletry items are name brand and rarely go on sale.

Also, most things like toilet paper and paper towels come in larger quantities, and, unless you are stockpiling, you don’t need that many.

5. Coffee Is Always Super Cheap

Other stores are raising prices on their coffee with a standard large canister costing around $8 to $9, depending on the brand.

Aldi coffee of the same size is around $6. It is off-brand but the quality is much the same as the major brands so, if you aren’t picky about your brands, this is a good deal.

Other Essential Facts About Aldi

Those who have never been to Aldi get a little confused about some of its procedures and policies. Here is a rundown of things you need to know:

  • You will need a quarter to put in the shopping cart for it to release from the others. This is a way for the store to ensure people return the carts. You will get your quarter returned when you return the cart. No one can enter the store without a cart.
  • You must bring your bags. This may be unusual for some but it saves the store money, which saves you money. Aldi does sell tote bags that you can reuse every time you shop there and they are cheap, like $1 or $2.
  • The store has a double money-back guarantee. The way it works is if you aren’t 100% satisfied with a product, bring the unused portion back in the original box and the store will allow you to exchange it for another item and refund your money as well.
  • Aldi has an excellent selection of gluten-free and sugar-free products for diabetics. This includes cookies, candies, and all the good stuff.


Aldi is a good place to do a large part of your grocery shopping if you aren’t brand conscious. Its products are of the same quality as those in other stores and you can save money, especially if you know the tricks of how to cash in on the best deals.

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