The winter cold can put you in a rut, making you push your cleaning and decluttering to the side. However, once spring comes around, you’ll feel an extra pep in your step, making it the perfect time for deep spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning makes your house spick and span, but it can also save you money both now and further down the line. 

Below, we’ve got a list lined up of 5 spring cleaning tasks that you can do that will save you money. So, whip your home into shape and save a few bucks while you’re at it by following these few simple tasks.

Before You Begin

Spring cleaning can sound like a drag, but there are lots of money-saving and money-making opportunities that come along with it. So, before you begin, here are a few things to consider.

Don’t Go Overboard on Products

When planning your spring cleaning routine, you may think about all the products you need. These can add up, so you should choose multi-surface cleaners and use them sparingly. On the other hand, don’t go overboard and break the bank to get a good clean.

Consider Your Treasures

Some of the things that you don’t use can be useful to someone else, so you should keep an open mind. If some of your things taking up space are good quality, consider selling them for extra cash.

Don’t Rebuy

Sometimes, items get stuffed here, there, and everywhere. As you discover it again, you can cross some things off your shopping list, not having to rebuy and adding more clutter to your home.

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Money-Saving Cleaning Tips

1. Deep Clean Sofas, Chairs, and Cushions

You’ve likely got some interesting things hiding in your cushions and chairs from all of those nights spent binging your favorite series.

Not only will a deep clean remove crumbs and morsels of food, but it will also help you maintain the life of your furniture.

Where To Start:

Start by taking the cushions off your furniture and setting them aside. Then, use a vacuum to clean up all the debris, focusing on the tiny corners where things can be hidden. If you can, move your sofa and chair out of the way, getting underneath them.

Once that’s done, grab cushions and vacuum them off, examining them to check for stains or stuck-on foods that may need extra attention.

To get those off, use a spray for stains and let them sit, wiping them off with a damp cloth afterward. Allow the cushions to dry completely before reassembling everything.

How It Saves Money:

Apart from food, another thing that tends to disappear in the seat cushions is loose change. This loose change might seem useless but can add up if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your couch. So, while earning a few extra bucks, keeping your furniture clean and maintained will extend its life.

You can keep your old couch a lot longer than you hoped and keep it in good shape, so you don’t have to rush out and buy a new one often.

2. Clean Up the Cobwebs

If you’re not big on dusting, you’re likely to have dust and cobwebs in a few places. Among the many places they love to collect, it’s windows and blinds, ceiling corners, and filters that see the most action.

Where To Start:

Start with your ceiling, paying close attention to light fixtures and corners. Use a dry cloth to wipe off dust, going back over it with a wet cloth afterward if there was a substantial amount of dust.

Once you’ve got the ceiling done, move to your windows and blinds, dusting them all off and them up, so your home gets some fresh air. Leave the filters for the end, spending time getting all the dust bunnies off for better air circulation.

How It Saves Money:

Your health should be at the top of your list. But unfortunately, dust accumulation comes with things like allergies, which can send you to the doctor more than you’d like.

Keeping your home dusted gets rid of these allergens, but it also improves the air quality in your home.

Your AC won’t have to work so hard to get cool air out, significantly reducing your electric bill.

3. Get Your Floors Squeaky Clean

If you have constant traffic in and out of your home, you’ll want to clean your carpets and floors more often. From dirt and mud to unmentionables, shoes can track in lots of things, so it’s recommended to keep floors clean.

Where To Start:

Keep your floors nice and clean by vacuuming often. When stains appear, spray them with stain remover immediately to keep them from setting in. For a deeper clean, you should shampoo or steam your carpets at least every three months, increasing the frequency the more traffic you have.

How It Saves Money:

Your carpets and floors are a big part of your home, saving you money if you keep them maintained. With regular cleaning, you can get a long life out of your carpets, not having to change them due to the buildup of gunk.

4. Clean Filters and Furnace

Filters around the house might be one of the most neglected areas. They often trap debris and dirt, forming tiny little dust bunnies that get trapped in the vents. Allowing the dust to build up can force your AC to work harder, increasing energy expenditure.

Where To Start:

Some filers are replaceable, needing to be changed at least every two years. Others are cleanable, requiring some maintenance depending on how much you run your AC and the amount of dust where you live. You can either clean them yourself or get them serviced by professionals.

How It Saves Money:

Over time, all of the stuff trapped in your filers can add up, creating barriers to the air. These barriers can reduce the amount of air coming through the vents, requiring your AC to work harder. The result is a much higher electric bill and wasted energy.

5. Clean Condensers on Fridge and Freezer

Your fridge and freezer rely on a condenser to cool and keep your food and drinks cold. Unfortunately, air flows in and out and can collect dust and debris over time, clogging it from time to time.

Where To Start:

You’ll need to turn the power off before messing with the condenser to prevent any opportunity for injury. Then, use a vacuum and a dry cloth to clean the coils, getting all the gunk out before closing things up and calling it a day.

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How It Saves Money:

Just like your AC, your fridge and freezer are forced into overdrive if they have to keep things cold continually. The harder they work, the more energy they require, which comes to light each month with your electric bill.

With the help of these spring cleaning tasks, you can keep your home clean and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. You’ll feel good, energized, and rest assured knowing that your home is nice and organized.

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