7 Easy Part Time Jobs

What’s your perfect part time job? I know as a busy and often over-scheduled mom, if I were ever to go back to work part time, I’d want something easy! I wouldn’t necessarily want to work somewhere that I had to think a lot or deal with a heavy amount of foot traffic. Pay would be secondary to whether I could handle the job with my current workload at home.

I’m not looking to go back to work part-time, but if you are, you might be in the same situation I am. If you are, you might be wondering where one finds an easy part time job.

pizza delivery

Here’s my list of jobs that would be fairly easy to do.

Paper Delivery Person – To be a paper delivery person in most areas, you have to love early mornings. The job doesn’t entail much. You may have to fold some papers and bag them up if it’s rainy. Then you just drive around your assigned neighborhood and make sure people get their newspapers. If you crave solitude, this is a fantastic opportunity for some early morning quiet time!

Pizza Delivery – Dave Ramsey often recommends pizza delivery as a second job for those trying to get out of debt, and with good reason. Like newspaper delivery, pizza delivery is easy work. You’ll need to work in the evenings and on weekends, as those are prime pizza delivery hours. If you need some cash though, it’s not hard to drive the pizza from the pizza parlor to the customer and collect payment. You could make some nice tips, too. One time my brother received a $20 tip for getting the pizza to the customer in under 20 minutes. It’s rare, but things like that do happen.

Retail (in a slow store) – When I mention working retail, I don’t mean Target at Christmas time. That’s not easy. However, working in a smaller store in a strip mall isn’t difficult. There might be some busy periods, but most of the time the foot traffic is fairly slow. And usually the stores are air conditioned, making working conditions fairly pleasant. If I had to go back to work, a slow retail store might very well be at the top of my list of job prospects.

Tutor – If you have some knowledge that someone else might need, consider becoming a tutor. You can set your own hours, working as little or as much as you need to. If you want to, you can even work from your own home! And if you do a great job with your first few clients, you may not even have to advertise much, as word of mouth is the best kind of referral. If flexibility is what you’re looking for, tutoring has it!

Babysitter – I know a few of you are scratching your heads on this one. Babysitting? Easy? Hear me out. If you already have one or more young children in the home, it’s really not much extra work to take on one more child. I’ve done it. But even if you don’t want to take on the responsibility of another child running around your house, you might consider being a babysitter for the overnight shift. Sitters who are willing to watch kids overnight are hard to come by. And think about it. You will get paid for the time the child (and you) are sleeping.

House Sitter – For singles or couples without children, I can’t think of an easier job that house sitting. You basically get paid for living your life. Except you live at someone else’s house. If you consider it a mini-vacation, it could be the perfect job! Just don’t lock yourself out of the house, as I did during a house sitting job many years ago.

Many Night Shift JobsSometimes the ease of a job has less to do with the type of job and more to do with the time you do it. For a few years, I worked at a home for those with developmental disabilities. Day and swing shift were very physically demanding. But I worked overnights, and all I had to do was a little light cleaning. Otherwise I was just there in case of emergency.

The same goes with other overnight jobs. After all, who really shops at Walmart at 3 am? Sure there are a few people, but if you work overnights, you won’t have to deal with many customers. If you don’t mind working while the rest of the world sleeps, pursue the graveyard shift. Night shift can be boring, but it’s not usually difficult.

Easy part time jobs aren’t really that difficult to find, if you’re flexible about when you work. These jobs aren’t generally very exciting or mind stimulating, but if you’re looking for a slow pace while making some money, these easy part time jobs might just be what you’re looking for.

What part time jobs would you consider easy?

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By , on Aug 14, 2012
Lynnae McCoy I'm Lynnae, wife of one and stay-at-home mom of two. I'm committed to getting out of debt by being frugal with my choices in life.


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  1. lois blakley:

    youre right those jobs sound pretty easy but as far as newspaper or pizza delivery one must consider the high cost of gasoline Im afraid that would eat up most of the profit for those two options unless of course you live in a large city which would make deliveries closer together and therefore require less mileage and fuel

  2. Wayne:

    Hi loved listening to coast 2coast. Sad you don’t do podcasts anymore!

    My extra income is buying things cheap here in Norway, and other euro countries on trips, or ebay and moving them on at a profit. (I think the term is called flipping them over?)

    What I did was collected about $8 dollars of bottles i found at work over a few months ( I
    A School janitor). Put it in a online bank account. Bought an item on eBay, sold on item for double! Did little commission to eBay, did same again ,bought at charity shops etc, snowball effect now I have $758 in the account (Norwegian money). What a pleasure knowing its money I started off for free! Not one dime from my pocket!

  3. Robin:

    I was very busy at any overnight job I ever had. I worked in a couple bakeries where I made baked goods and donuts all night, but I loved it! I also worked overnight in a convenience store….I had to spend the entire night cleaning. I left that store spotless….more so than anyone else ever did…but I always prefer to keep busy so my shift doesn’t drag on : )

  4. Lynnae McCoy:

    What part time job works for you will definitely depend on why you need a part time job and what your lifestyle is like. When I worked the night shift, I was a single student, so it was fairly easy. When my husband worked the night shift, he had a part time day job as well and two kids at home. It wasn’t quite so easy.

    Thanks, Jen!

  5. JenFitz:

    Lynnae, you do a terrific job on this blog!

  6. While paying for my Lasik surgery I got a job at FedEx. I worked from June until November. I got paid $10/hr for about 6pm-9pm M-F. It was great because I was constantly lifting boxes for a steady workout. If we finished early we went home, so the checks weren’t ever more than $200 for me, but that is weekly. The workout was great losing about 10lbs that summer and I paid off a $5000 debt in less than one year.

  7. pat:

    I delivered newspapers all thru high school (walking route) and I LOVED it! About 5 years ago I wanted to get back into it for the exercise and the contact with people. I still enjoyed it but only stuck with it for a year (I kept getting stiffed by my customers). Now I just walk for fun. Another great part-time job you didn’t mention is working at a school. I started out volunteering in my daughter’s first-grade class listening to them learn to read and ended up getting hired to work with kids on their math. Sort of like a tutor but for older kids (8th grade). I absolutely LOVE this job (and I don’t have to worry about getting stiffed out of money). I work 3 hours a day and get summers off. I usually save most of my money all school year and then go on camping trips with the kids to see different parts of the US. It has been amazing. I know it is harder now to get into a school but we seem to have new faces every year helping out somewhere (cafeteria work is very popular).

  8. This is a great post! I just had to comment, I have only been reading for a short while, but I was surprised to see Track Town pizza on your page. I can see Track Town pizza from my office (in the winter when the leaves on the trees have fallen). Kind of surprised me. :)


  9. Thanks for sharing this list! Tutoring sounds like the best option for me. I wouldn’t want to work overnight–I have trouble staying awake past 10!

  10. The night shift jobs would be the toughest, just to stay awake, if you are already working a full time day job :)

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