You’ve all heard me sing the praises of the Grocery Game. Recently I was featured in my local newspaper for my stellar Grocery Game shopping trip, where I saved over $80. The Grocery Game will always have a piece of my frugal heart. But I’ve found a new site to love.

A Full Cup – Savings By The Cup Full

A Full Cup is a free…yes, you read right, free…site that features an easy to navigate message board, coupon database, a list of online printable coupons, online deals, and my favorite feature: grocery lists, featuring items at super great prices, matched with coupons to make an even better deal.

I haven’t actually gone shopping with a list yet, since my son was sick, and I didn’t make my regular shopping trip this week. But the list is similar to that of the Grocery Game, but it INCLUDES ONLINE COUPONS!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?

About the Money Saving Grocery Lists

A Full Cup has lists for every store I’ve ever heard of, except Winco and Fred Meyer. But Winco doesn’t run ads, so I can forgive them for that omission. I’ll have to hang out on the site for a while before I request a Fred Meyer list.

I wanted to check out the Albertsons list, because that’s my favorite coupon-shopping store. They have 8 different Albertsons lists, separated by different geographic areas, so the lists should be pretty accurate. That scored points with me.

So I clicked on the NW Albertson’s list. It was separated into the following columns:

  • Options – I’m really not sure what this column is for, as there was nothing there in my list.
  • Product
  • Ends – What day the sale ends.
  • Price – Sale price.
  • Coupon – Shows the coupon amount and where to find it. Also links to a page where you can find more information about the coupon, including where to print printable coupons.
  • Store Coupon
  • Source – Where to find the coupon
  • Must Buy – How many items you need to buy to get the deal.
  • Final Price – How much you pay.
  • Double to $.50 – I’m not sure how this column is supposed to work. Some of the prices were $.50 lower than the “final price”, but others weren’t.
  • Notes – This includes information like “Save $2 instantly wyb $10 in Dannon products.” and “Not a bad price for non-coupon deal.”

I’ll probably understand the lists a little bit better, once I watch the intro video tutorials.

The Full Cup Forums

I haven’t even had time to begin exploring the forums yet. All I can say is there is money saving information on everything under the sun. Forums for each grocery store, including Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, for you health food addicts. (Sorry, no Trader Joe’s grocery list, but there is a Whole Foods list!).

A sampling (and just a small sampling) of the forums includes Coupon Chatter (with a sub-forum for healthy couponing – yay!), Canadian Couponing, Freebies, Mystery Shopping, Frugal Living, and much, much more.

I Think I’ve Found My Deal Finding Home

I’m a busy woman, and I don’t have time to match my ads with my coupons on my own. That’s why I joined the Grocery Game. I prefer a free service, of course, but the only free service that competed didn’t have stores in my area and was hard to navigate.

I’ve found that A Full Cup is very well organized. So far I’ve been able to find everything I need with few problems. And that’s without reading any intro directions or watching the introductory videos.

A Full Cup gets an A++ from me! It seems to have everything I need to find the best grocery deals, all wrapped up in one neat little big package.

Are you a member of A Full Cup? What do you think of it? Do you love it as much as I do?

Photo by Gunjan Karun.