And God Speaks

Some might say the timing is a coincidence. Some might say it’s irony. I fully believe it’s the hand of God.

On Monday I wrote how I’ve been struggling. Struggling with frugality, struggling with time for God. There’s a bit more to the story, both before and after what I wrote on Monday.

We went to church on Sunday. I’ve written before that I fully believe in tithing. I still do. But this month was going to be so tight that for the first time in a long time, I had a hard time writing that tithe check. But I wrote it. And I prayed. I prayed for God to give me the faith to trust Him with our finances again. And I prayed that some way, some how, he would make our money stretch.

Nevertheless, I was worried about the expenses coming up. We need to pay for my daughter’s choir fee. And my flute needs to be fixed, before she can play it in band. And my blog income has taken a hit. I knew we could pay for everything, but it was going to be difficult. And I wasn’t sure what September would bring.

Then I wrote my post Monday. I honestly and truly did not write it to gain sympathy. But you were all so wonderful with your words and your prayers. I have the best readers in the world, and you were truly an encouragement to me. That’s the first time God spoke. And He used you.

Later Monday afternoon I was finishing up my Tightwad Tuesday post. I sent my daughter out to get the mail, and she brought it in and dumped it on the bed. There were three envelopes from the mortgage company.

We refinanced last month to get a much better interest rate. The first envelope was a copy of our orignial agreement, reading paid in full. In the second envelope was a tax and insurance disclosure statement. I skimmed it and opened the third envelope.

In the third envelope was a check. A check big enough to replenish what was left of our baby emergency fund and give us a little breathing room. I almost cried. Not because we were in need of the money that desperately. We could have done without.

Rather, I almost cried because of the perfect timing of it all. Me, wrestling with whether to do the right thing, and choosing to do so and trust God. Then God coming back to let me know He’s got it all under control. Letting me know that I needn’t worry.

In church on Sunday, our pastor preached on the disciples that witnessed Christ’s transfiguration and how amazing that must have been. I think, no, I know I’ve received a small, personalized glimpse of the true awesomeness of my Savior.


By , on Aug 26, 2009
Lynnae McCoy I'm Lynnae, wife of one and stay-at-home mom of two. I'm committed to getting out of debt by being frugal with my choices in life.


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  1. I feel your pain, now that school is starting I am hearing about a whole host of “new” expenses we have . . . oh boy!

  2. Leslie:

    Thank you for writing this. My husband is currently unemployed and the only money coming into the house is what I earn (not much). I’ve been praying to God also. Deep down I know that He will come through for us, but I really appreciate the reminder. :)

  3. jim:

    isn’t it great when we put God first & follow His word that we benifit many unexplained things. i’ve been on social security dissability for about 5 yrs. i’ve given my tithes & special gifts from time to time. God has never let my family down.there has been times when our need’s have been taken care of at the last possable moment. God has never failed us yet. i wish we could say the same thing.keep putting God first & He will take care of you & yours

  4. MichelleFL:

    Wow, what an awesome testimony. Much like Peggy in Post#6, I’m starting a list blessings for my parents. They have lived almost a cursed-like financial existence for so many years that I can’t remember a time when they were able to make ends meet. I was in similar circumstances until I finally “got it” with regard to tithing. God is awesome, and He has blessed me so richly that I live so much better on the 90% remaining than I ever imagined living on the 100%. So I’ve been fasting and praying over my parent’s situation, and decided Sunday to stand in the gap for them and diligently tithe what they should be tithing until they understand the concept.
    Maybe to some the standing in the gap part doesn’t seem biblical, but it’s what I feel the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me to do. They think tithing is great if you can afford it. Anyway, this month I’m compiling a list the blessings they’ve received as a result of tithing. So far on Wednesday, I gave them some tickets to a community theater production that my boss couldn’t use because he was sick(worth $30.00). They were so broke that my Dad had to borrow some money for a haircut because his Social Security check isn’t in yet. I had given them a little money in case they wanted to get a soda or something so they decided to splurge and buy some fundraiser raffle tickets for a 50/50 drawing. They won $114.00. They don’t know that I’m tithing for them or anything about the list yet. I plan to tell them next month. Tithing is the one area that God challenges us to ask him to “prove it”. I’ll keep you posted, hopefully my list will be an encouragement to those having a struggle of faith concerning tithing.

  5. May God Bless You and Your Family Always, what an awesome story. We must always remember that by being obedient and faithful to the Father, he will always provide. Because he is in control. Peace!!!

  6. Julie Curry:

    Thank you so much for your post! It is such a blessing to hear how God has worked in other people’s lives, and a reminder that he is in control, and he will provide!

  7. AngelSong:

    This post truly put a sparkle in my day. How wonderful is our Lord, to provide for His children. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I believe we are put together in this world for specific reasons, whether we know each other in real life or online. You have taught me so much by your example, and it is such a joy to have read this post.

  8. So glad you received such a blessing. You are a witness to me as I really must do better in the area of tithing and leave the rest to God.

  9. Marci:

    Let go – Let God :)

    You’ve just seen it in action in a BIG way….
    but little things happen every day in little ways that we
    don’t always notice also.

  10. This is wonderful! How tender and lovingly our Lord watches over us.

    The 364 days that my hubby was out of work (one day short of a year, lol!) the Lord provided for us in so many different ways. Even provided us with money so that we could buy our children some Christmas presents. It is always so exciting to see how God works!

  11. God has his own timing because he knows you and I don’t always know what’s best for us. Sometimes my faith is shaken because of the crisis all happened to me and around me that it feels like God is too far away. But thankfully that I have good parents with strong faith to help me realize from time to time that I will never be alone as long as I have faith. I’m not saying that you just do nothing and fortune and luck will fall on your lap, but try your best and if you are on the fence then God will help nudge you to the right side. I really like this post because there are people still see the joy in this current gloomy and uncertain situation.

  12. God is good ALL the time. Great story Lynnae. My wife and I have a similar story…

    We lived in Baltimore Maryland for a while, and our home church in NC was starting a building fund for a much needed new building. We had $5000.00 in savings at the time, and my wife suddenly said to me let’s donate it to the church. I was like “Are you crazy?”. Her reply was I believe that is what God wants us to do…so we did. Not 2 days later, we received an unexpected check in the mail…I think it was for our FHA insurance…anyway, the amount? $5000.00.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Eric Armendariz:

    That IS amazing. I wish I had your faith. I lost my faith in 2003 and have been going through the motions but not trusting in Him…

  14. Diana:

    That is awesome, and God is good! With way too much time on my hands as I pray to find employment, I clicked back on the links in this post; little did I know that the tithing one had nearly a half hour of comments to read. :0)

    I agree this check was neither coincidence nor irony and will take it even a step further on God’s omniscience…
    One could argue, “Well, that check was in the mail before Lynnae was faced with the obedience struggle.” Whilst that’s true, God knew there would be the Sunday struggle and even knew what decision the family would make (on their own free will).

    Although things are tough (downright scary) for me right now, this is a good reminder. I remember times past where I really struggled at certain times but tithed out of faith and obedience. God always came through — sometimes in the form of a rebate check from the insurance company and two specific times where I got an Oregon state surplus check (don’t know if it’s still law — I moved out of Oregon eight years ago — but they used to have to pay back % of taxes when there was a budget surplus) — all at times where I didn’t know whether I would make it.

  15. I don’t have anything to add; just wow!

  16. Jean:

    Awesome! :-)

  17. Woohoo!!! I didn’t read Monday’s post…life got in the way…whatever. :-)

    Anyway – what a glorious testimony to the goodness of our God. I love how he seems to be messing with us, when all the while, he was just planning a surprise party. :-)

  18. Stacey:

    So happy for your great news! Despite all things that are going on, we know that God is in control.

  19. cathie:

    I have had the same thing happen to me. Struggled to write that check, but did it anyway. And somehow, miraculously, things worked out. I don’t know why we still go back to not fully trusting in Him to work it out for good.
    I’m happy for you.

  20. Peggy Lorenz:

    My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer last Dec. 1, at age 47. He was worried about finances and wanted to stop our tithe for a time, but I convinced him we needed to be faithful and continue giving. The very next day, we received an unexpected check in the mail. I started a list called “the windows of heaven” (based on Malachi 3:10). That list is now over 3 pages long, and continues to grow! I know it is a shower of blessings from God! How wonderful He is!

    Peggy :)

  21. morrison:

    Isn’t God wonderful? He’s my best, best friend. He was testing you and you passed. He always tests us before He brings us up to the next level. I don’t do anything in life anymore without first speaking to God and getting His advice.

    God bless you!

  22. Trudy G.:

    I LOVE it when something likes this happens to me. It always strengthens my belief in God and that he will provide when we truly have needs. Thank you for sharing your story.

  23. Pippa:

    Amazing! Always when we think that we have been forgotten we find out that we were still in the front of our Heavenly Fathers thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing xx

  24. Christina:

    Praise God! We have been learning to trust God by making sure we tithe no matter how hard it is for us to write the check…and He makes sure our needs are taken care of. God is great!

  25. awesome testimony Lynnae!!

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