Deep down everyone wants to have a frugal lifestyle. After all, there is nothing better than being content with whatever you own and having financial support at all times. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert, frugality is just something you might be wanting to achieve.

However, the question arises whether most frugal people are introverts and whether it is easier for introverts to opt for a frugal lifestyle over extroverts.

This could be because introverts tend to have limited social interaction. This, itself, reduces quite a lot of extravagant and unnecessary costs.

But, to get an in-depth idea about the connection between frugality and introverts, read on!

What are Frugality and Introversion?

Before we talk about the connection between introverts and frugality, let’s talk about what they actually stand for.


When we specifically talk about frugality, it is a quality of being frugal.

Now, keep in mind that being frugal isn’t about being stingy. It simply means that you’re spending your money more mindfully. Moreover, it can also mean that you want to avoid any wasteful process.

So, when you’re frugal, you tend to prioritize your needs, put them above your wants, and find inexpensive but efficient alternatives for everything. This way, you’ll save not just your money but also resources by not being wasteful.


On the other hand, introversion is simply the quality of being an introvert. Now, the quality of introverts are varying but some of the common traits of every introvert include:

  • You’re not a people person. Instead, you prefer to be alone or hang out with a small group of close friends.
  • You enjoy your solitude instead of feeling lonely.
  • You tend to have a few extremely close friends rather than big groups.
  • You’re usually quiet and mellow with strangers.
  • You may feel overwhelmed due to constant social engagements.
  • You prefer working independently.

So, how does this correlate with frugality? For this, let’s see some of the reasons why Introverts are better at saving money and being frugal and some reasons why they may have difficulties in being frugal too!

What Benefits Do Introverts Have When It Comes to Being Frugal?

If an introvert wants to adopt a frugal lifestyle, they may have it easier than other people due for the reasons below.

Reason 1: Introverts Are Big Thinkers

One of the reasons why introverts may find it easy to become frugal is because they’re big thinkers. This way they can properly think and analyze before making any big expense that might be unnecessary.

On the other hand, people who are not introverts may take big risks without worrying about the consequences, including financial risks.

Moreover, as introverts think before spending their money or resources on anything, they might be able to avoid any unnecessary expense. Contrarily, others won’t think deeply and may end up spending money on things that are not useful.

Reason 2: Introverts Are Usually Home-Bodies

Now, many people find it difficult to become frugal because of their hobbies and interests. For instance, many outgoing people tend to go to clubs, restaurants, etc. where they might end up spending a huge chunk of money. Sometimes, they may also throw extravagant and lavish parties that might not be necessary.

On the other hand, introverts are usually home-bodies. They prefer to spend their time indoors, doing various activities. Moreover, even with their friends, they prefer to stay indoors rather than going out and socializing.

This is a big benefit as things at home usually cost cheaper than they cost outside. For instance, many introverts enjoy playing board games or watching movies at home rather than spending money on park or movie tickets.

Additionally, they may also enjoy cooking at home which pretty much reduces restaurant costs too!

Reason 3: Introverts Are Planners

If you are wanting to become a frugal person, then you ought to be a planner. Well, most introverts have this trait naturally.

Introverts are big planners, whenever it comes to any aspect of their life. It is because they are also big thinkers which leads to better planning and execution of plans.

Hence, you’ll often find that introverts will spend most of their time planning properly for any big trips or even the house renovation process. With their proper planning, they can easily find cheaper and better alternatives.

Hence, they are quite efficient in planning finances and other stuff, too.

Reason 4: Introverts Are Huge Readers

Well, not all but the majority of introverts love to read. Now, how is it helpful when it comes to frugality?

If you are a huge reader yourself, you might know that once you have a good book you can pretty much spend all your free time thoroughly enjoying it. This can help you cut quite a lot of costs, especially the ones involving any outdoor activity.

Moreover, books are a cheap commodity compared to other enjoyment options. Book lovers can buy books from thrift stores or even go for inexpensive eBooks with the help of Kindle or other such products.

Additionally, as introverts love to read, they can easily read and research more about money management, frugality, and other related topics to gain an in-depth idea about how to live their lives frugally.

Reason 5: Introverts Depend Only On Themselves

Many people today can’t go for a frugal lifestyle because they simply depend too much on others. For instance, some might not be able to enjoy without any company. They’ll often go out with people to have fun. This can result in unwanted expenses repeatedly.

On the other hand, introverts depend on themselves for pretty much everything. They can enjoy themselves without any company. Moreover, when in need of financial help, they’ll mostly try to find a way out of it themselves. Thus, staying out of unnecessary debts and loans.

Hence, due to the above reasons, introverts may find it easy to live a frugal lifestyle compared to others.

Do Introverts Have any Limitations When It Comes to Being Frugal?

Well, every coin has another side. So, while introverts are pretty good chances at adopting a frugal lifestyle, there are some limitations too.

Let’s check them out.

1. Work Issues

One of the major limitations that an introvert may face is work problems. As mentioned above, introverts aren’t team players. They are more efficient independently.

Introverts may easily get overshadowed by extroverts due to their open personality. As introverts are quite shy, they may be afraid to speak out their ideas and thoughts. This could hamper their professional growth, especially if they’re in a workplace rather than an independent career.

2. Introverts May Not Reach Out to People

If you’re one of those introverts who aren’t very dedicated, then adopting a frugal lifestyle can get difficult.

Most people who are trying to become frugal usually reach out to other people having a frugal lifestyle. This can help them understand more about frugality and how to not give up easily. In short, they can stay motivated for a long period.

On the other hand, introverts tend to stay within their own bubble. Hence, if they are not frugal, and are trying to adopt a frugal lifestyle, they may get demotivated easily and give up.

3. Networking Issues

Lastly, in today’s world, networking is extremely important. When you are involved in networking, you come to know about all the things, including essential resources.

For instance, there are various offers available on many things. Now, if you’re into networking, you may know about those offers. This could help in saving money.

Similarly, there are many thrift stores available that may not have an online presence. However, if you interact with people, you may come to know about such stores. But as most introverts don’t interact with a lot of people, they may stay in the dark.

Are Frugal People Usually Introverts?

So, coming to the point, are frugal people introverts, and is it easier for introverts to become frugal?

Well, to some extent, yes. As mentioned above, introverts can easily save up on expenses that are quite wasteful and not worth it. This is an essential quality of being frugal. Moreover, they can also think through things before buying anything recklessly.

As introverts are critical thinkers, they can also plan things well and find cheaper alternatives after digging in a lot. Hence, you can say that introverts can avoid unnecessary and reckless expenses.

However, we have also talked about some of the limitations that introverts may face while trying to adopt frugality. Once they work upon them, they can become the best example of frugality.

Is It Easy to Become Frugal If You’re an Extrovert?

When it comes to extroversion, again, there are certain pros and cons.

The pros are quite obvious that extroverts can become successful career-wise. This increases the chances of promotion and hence, provides financial stability. Moreover, extroverts can also reach out to other frugal people for tips and to get encouragement.

The biggest cons here are that if you’re an extrovert, you may tend to spend lavishly on outings and other related expenses. However, you can also rectify that with the help of the below tips for becoming more frugal:

1. Try to Find Alternate Options

You can always find alternate options for everything. For instance, consider cooking a fancy meal at home and invite your friends instead of spending extravagantly in restaurants.

Now, once in a while, it is okay to go to restaurants but there too, try to practice frugality. For example, skip on desserts and beverages.

2. Look Out for Thrift Stores

There are many thrift stores out there – for clothes, shoes, books, appliances, and whatnot! You can easily go for them instead of branded stores. This is also a pretty sustainable option.

3. Surround Yourself with Frugal People

If you’re outgoing, you may not have difficulty talking to people and befriending them at most times. This gives you the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with people having a frugal mindset instead of a wasteful one.

If you have wasteful friends, make sure that when you’re with them, you make them understand your boundaries. You can also encourage them to adopt the frugal mindset.

Start with these three tips because once you do, it doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, you’ll be able to become frugal slowly.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, introverts do have a certain advantage of becoming frugal over extroverts. Most frugal people may also be introverts as they tend to spend their time alone and plan everything well.

Yet, if you’re dedicated enough, you can become frugal successfully too!

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