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Lynnae McCoyI'm Lynnae, wife of one and stay-at-home mom of two. I'm committed to getting out of debt by being frugal with my choices in life.

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When Buying on Sale Isn’t Frugal

Make sure a sale item is a frugal purchase before forking over the money. I’m all about saving money.  You know that.  And I love sales.  I hate paying full price.  But there are some times […]

Frugal Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

It’s Valentine’s Day! What? You forgot? The restaurants are booked, you don’t have a lot of money, and you really want to impress your sweetheart. What’s a person to do? Fortunately I have a few frugal […]

My Clutter is Making Me Fat!

Sometimes the clutter in my life gets the best of me. At least that’s what Peter Walsh says.  He was the main guest on Oprah Thursday, promoting his new book, Does This Clutter Make My Butt […]

7 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Money

Communication about finances is important in marriage. Ron at The Wisdom Journal posted 7 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Money, and I want to give you the woman’s viewpoint. My husband and I have been […]

Grocery Shopping Strategy: How I Save Money on Food

Kacie from Sense to Save asked me to share how I go about my grocery shopping each week. I actually have two methods, depending on how organized (or not) I am on any given week. The […]

Why You Should Always Have a Backup Plan

What is it the Boy Scouts say? Be prepared? I made a quick shopping trip last week.  I was running multiple errands in town, and I had my 5 year old son with me.  I had […]

Homemade Cleaning Products Recipes

One of the ways I save money is by not buying too many cleaning products. It’s not only less expensive, but often it’s better for the environment to avoid harsh chemicals. And with the right mix […]

3 Websites that Will Help You Save Money on Groceries

If you’re trying to save money, one of the best places to cut your budget is your grocery bill. For most families, the grocery bill is the third largest budget category behind housing and transportation. With […]

Frugal Breakfast From Scratch with a Homemade Pancake Recipe

Frugal Breakfast From Scratch with a Homemade Pancake Recipe

This post I’d like to focus on making breakfast from scratch. Those of you who don’t have time to make breakfast from scratch in the mornings, keep reading. I have a suggestion for you at the […]

Personal Finance for Children and Pre-Teens

When I graduated from high school, I didn’t know anything about personal finance, except how to balance a checkbook. I’ve learned a lot through the school of hard knocks, and I’m grateful for what I’ve learned, […]

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