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3 Tips to Help You Achieve Financial Security

3 Tips to Help You Achieve Financial Security

Financial security is a common pursuit.  Whether you’re just starting out in the working world or you’re looking to retire, financial security or the pursuit of financial security is of large importance for you.  Unfortunately, a […]

Your Child is Graduating. Are You Ready to Let Go?

It’s that time of year when all of the senior high school students just graduated, or are about to go through their graduation. As parents this can either be extremely easy on you, or incredibly difficult.  […]

Dutch Bros-Like Blended Frozen Coffee Recipe

Here is a frozen coffee recipe from our reader, Robert Johnson: Dutch Bros-Like Blended Frozen Coffee Recipe #ratingval# from #reviews# reviews Print Recipe Type: Drink Author: Robert Johnson Ingredients 1 tray of small ice cubes 1 […]

51 Ways to Save Money in College

Saving money for college is a job in itself. College students should earn credit for doing it, because the task requires using the mind and it’s helpful for life after college. So to help out the […]

How Living a Frugal Lifestyle Has Changed My Thought Process

My husband and I have been living an actively frugal lifestyle for almost three years. I recently had an experience that showed me how much my thought process has been changed by frugality. We saw a […]

7 Ways to Pay Less for Everything You Buy

Don’t you hate leaving the store feeling like you paid too much? For the cost conscious it seems no matter what you buy, it’s hard to be happy about it unless you got a decent deal. […]

Top 4 Wedding Budget Busters

They meet, fall in love, and then get engaged. All of these events are leading up to the big day…the wedding day. While many couples see this as a natural progression of their relationship, many don’t […]

Live a Simpler Life: The Answer to Living Debt Free and Happy

Let’s face it, life can be pretty rough. Living a life that is simple and carefree is becoming increasingly difficult, as we barely have enough time to come home, relax, and enjoy the many rewards life […]

Using Tools to Achieve Financial Goals – Textbook Personal Finance

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been assembling a basic personal finance and tools. We came up with a personal financial plan, then we organized our records to get ready for using a balance sheet to […]

CD Laddering: The “Frugal” Way to Build an Emergency Fund

The importance of a fully funded emergency fund can’t be overstated. A rainy day fund acts as a safety net when unexpected expenses arise, and it gives you freedom from living paycheck to paycheck. The problem […]

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