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Roth IRAs Information for Beginners

If you are new to investing, or even just getting your personal finances in order, chances are good that you have heard of a Roth IRA. Just about every talking head on TV says you should […]

5 Steps to Making a Budget That Works

5 Steps to Making a Budget That Works

You have taken the plunge and decided that you are going to make your money behave. From my previous two budget posts you know the budgeting pitfalls to avoid and you are excited about the many […]

10 More Tips for Frugal Scholars

10 More Tips for Frugal Scholars

Recently, I wrote about ten ways to save money on two of college’s biggest expenses – books and food. Today, I will explain how to save money on two other large expenses – electronics and travel. […]

Beginners’ Guide to Asset Allocation

Most people have heard the term asset allocation even if they aren’t investors themselves. It’s a term that gets used frequently when planning your finances and investments so it’s a great idea to have some idea […]

10 Frugal College Students Tips to Save Money on Books and Food

10 Frugal College Students Tips to Save Money on Books and Food

Even with scholarships and grants, college can be expensive. Nearly all college students, except those with rich uncles, are struggling financially. Here are ten tips to help you save some green on two of college’s biggest […]

Menu Planning and the Pantry Principle

Stocking your pantry at rock bottom prices is a great way to save on your grocery bill. Today, I want to talk about saving money on groceries using the pantry principle. While the idea is not […]

How to Properly Reuse Storage Bags

Storage bags, chances are you have them at home and lots of them. They are very useful, help contain messes and make putting things away easy. We could go through lots of them fast and be […]

A Little Bit of Investment Knowledge Goes a Long Way

Knowledge = power. Are you giving 100% to reducing your debts and improving your financial situation? Have you made enough of progress so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe you […]

Edible Landscaping Part 2: Landscaping the Frugal Way

If you missed last week’s post on Edible Landscaping for Beginners, make sure you go back and read it. It’s very informative! Thanks again, Marci, for sharing your knowledge with us! I’m in the middle of […]

It’s Just a Drop in the Bucket

I study a martial art.  Occasionally after class my Sensei will tell us What you learned tonight is just a tiny drop in the bucket.  In the grand scheme of this art tonight wasn’t much.  But […]

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