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Jessica WardJessica Ward is a full-time writer and adoptive mom to two wonderful children. She writes to support her parenting/adopting habit. For frugal family tips see The PennyWise Family or @jessc098 and my google+ profile.

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Save up to $1500 a Year on Laundry!

Most people don’t have a clear appreciation for what their laundry is costing. Whether you have a home machine or use a laundromat, you may be surprised at the real costs of keeping clean. I remember […]

How to Make Minor Repairs and Remove Scratches in Furniture

I’m cleaning my desk today, and noticed that it’s showing its age. Not two minutes ago, I shouted at my cat to stop scratching my furniture, and over the weekend I moved and dusted my kids’ […]

Shopping and Cooking Frugally for One

Truth: There are lots of great books on cooking for one, but not a single one on how to grocery-shop effectively for a household of one! It can’t be denied — cooking for one is a […]

Holiday Budget Relief

Many of us are feeling that tightness and pressure that comes from the extra spending surge this time of year. Holiday activities/entertainment, Christmas cards, gifts, office parties, friends of friends’ parties, and gifting expectations galore, not […]

Stocking Up the Freezer For Virtually Nothing

In your day-to-day cooking, you are likely throwing away valuable flavor and nutrients every day without even realizing it. You cut an apple, peel an onion, and cut the hard skin off of a squash before […]

Affording Adoption, Without Debt

Many readers know that we are very excited about being an adoptive family. We adopted our girls in 2005 and 2008, both under unusual circumstances and with substantial fees that left our family happy and fulfilled, […]

Bargaining 101: How to Get Lower Prices on Everything

Bargaining, “wheeling and dealing” or just getting a deal—whatever you call it, it isn’t always easy to find exactly the item or service you want, and then ask for a lower price. Our American culture often […]

Can a Gluten Free Diet be Frugal?

This week, the US food and Drug Administration held additional sessions about the possibility of (finally) establishing a gluten-free food labeling standard. (info) Lately, a growing number of people are electing a gluten-free diet. Some due […]

Behold The Power of Beans!

If you’re a Dave Ramsey fan like us, you’ve heard the slogan “rice and beans!” He doesn’t really mean you have to eat rice and beans all of the time, but many of us have learned […]

Frugal Summertime Fun

My kids have nine days of school left this year. I estimate it will be 9.5 days before the “I’m bored” chorus begins. Even though we school at home now, the summer transition is about the […]

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