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Miranda MarquitMiranda is a professional personal finance journalist. She is a contributor for several personal finance web sites. Her work has been mentioned in and linked to from, USA Today, The Huffington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications. She also has her own personal finance blog: Planting Money Seeds.

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Why We Choose to Live in a Smaller Home

Why We Choose to Live in a Smaller Home

Not too long ago, unhappy with our rapidly deteriorating carpet my husband announced that he was thinking that maybe we should move to a larger home. His desire for a larger home also stemmed from the […]

Investing in Bonds: Types, Risks, and How to Buy Bonds

Among the common investment strategies is using bonds in a portfolio. Bonds can be a solid addition to any investment portfolio, when used in the proper asset allocation for your goals and needs. However, it’s a […]

Take Advantage of Tuition Reimbursement Program

With the cost of a post-secondary education on the rise, it is little surprise that many students (and their parents) are looking for ways to reduce the overall cost of attending university. There are a number […]

Quite Possibly the Best Free Personal Wealth Management Tool

Quite Possibly the Best Free Personal Wealth Management Tool

In the last few years, there has been a move toward using software and web-based applications to help consumers manage their finances. However, many of the tools are somewhat lacking in sophistication. Applications like Mint.com might […]

Teaching Your Child the Value of Patience when Spending Money

For a couple of months, my 10-year-old son has been saving his allowance, and the money he earns doing other things, up for a specific Lego set extension. (Before he can save up for those types […]

Long Term Investing Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Long Term Investing Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Concerns about the volatility of the stock market, and the prospect of losses during downturn, have convinced many that stock investing is not for them. However, “safer” investments like cash and bonds may not provide the […]

Do You Share Financial Information with Your Family?

Do You Share Financial Information with Your Family?

The personal finance blogosphere has a history of sharing information about finances. This includes information about net worth, as well as sources of income and regular expenses. I’ve never got too into the practice of sharing […]

3 Ways to Avoid a Student Loan Debt Crisis

3 Ways to Avoid a Student Loan Debt Crisis

One of the realities of our higher education system is that student loans are increasingly a part of the landscape. According to the Wall Street Journal, two-thirds of students graduate with student loan debt. And according […]

3 Good Reasons to Take More Risks

Many of us are conditioned to think that all risk is bad. We hear about putting our money where it can grow “risk free.” The reality, though, is that risk isn’t always a bad thing. Indeed, […]

Is It Time to Start Thinking of Buying a House?

The Federal Reserve just announced an open-ended quantitative easing program that will pump $40 billion a month into the economy in the attempt to stimulate growth. The move is designed to keep borrowed money cheap, and […]

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