September is an expensive month. In fact, at times, I think I spend more money in September than I do in December at Christmas. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do spend a lot of money in September.

Back when the kids were in public school, there were school supplies to buy, which can run up to $70+ for two children. As a homeschooling mom, I still buy school supplies, but we don’t spend THAT much anymore. Another thing we’d have to buy, if we weren’t homeschooling, is a P.E. uniform for my daughter.

Even though we skirt the regular school district expenses, activities are starting up, and all of those activities come with a price. The boy started soccer this week. The girl will begin choir this month. And the boy goes back to AWANA this month. Fortunately the girl just goes to regular junior high youth group.

Each of those activities requires not only a registration fee, but a uniform. Fortunately my son’s soccer shirt still fits and he is in the same AWANA group as last year, so he gets to wear the same uniform. Unfortunately, my daughter moved up a level in choir, so I’ll need to buy her a choir outfit.

Then there’s the things we’re considering, but haven’t committed to yet: Karate and American Heritage Girls. Karate has a monthly fee, plus a uniform to buy. American Heritage Girls has a registration fee, a book to buy, and a uniform.

All of these payments come due in September. Fortunately after a tight September last year, I learned my lesson and budgeted a LOT of money for this September.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. I just see these things as part of the expense of having kids.* But if you don’t budget, these expenses can really take you by surprise.

The moral of the story: don’t forget to budget for all the things that come due when school starts.

If you have kids, do you find that September is an expensive month?

*Disclaimer: If my children were in a public or private school, I would limit them each to one activity plus AWANA/Youth Group. But since I homeschool them, I need to consider their social needs, and sometimes that means more activities. Again, I see it as part of the expense of homeschooling.

Photo by Bhamgal.