Storage bags, chances are you have them at home and lots of them. They are very useful, help contain messes and make putting things away easy. We could go through lots of them fast and be wasteful but we don’t have to, we can reuse them.

To reuse them even if not to hold foods, I suggest you wash them first. To wash them well you need to turn the bag completely inside out (make sure the corners are completely out) and wash with warm and soapy water. I use a baby bottle dryer to dry storage bags but you could also use a pencil holder with some pens to hold your bags up to dry.

If you are thinking to reuse your storage bags for food storage keep in mind this: never re-use bags that have kept raw or even cooked meat or eggs in them. The risk for salmonella contamination is too high. If would like to avoid this risk altogether there are many ways you can give a storage bag a second life. Here are some ideas:

  1. Use as a pastry bag
  2. Use as a travel toiletry bag. The TSA has made using storage bags to carry toiletries a requirement now.
  3. Keep toy parts together
  4. Keep puzzle pieces together
  5. Keep electronics parts and manuals together.
  6. Keep in your gym/pool bag to carry wet items
  7. Make a travel fun kit for your kids to keep them entertained: put small toys, crayons, small pieces of paper.
  8. Keep in your diaper bag to hold stinky diapers

By reusing storage bags not only are you saving money but you are also being less wasteful of your resources. Being frugal is not only about saving our resources but also about being resourceful with what we already have.

Do you reuse your storage bags? What do you use them for?

Photo by hfabulous.