Welcome to my blogroll page! The following list of blogs are sites that I enjoy reading on a daily basis. I enjoy and recommend each of these sites for various reasons, whether it’s because I think they’re entertaining, inspiring, or whether I just enjoy following the blogger’s personal journey out of debt.

The only blogs I list on my blogroll are blogs I’ve been reading for a while. If you feel your blog should be here, contact me, and I will be happy to add your blog to my feed reader, so I can become more familiar with it. I’m always happy to take a look at other blogs.

As a matter of policy, I do not participate in or respond to requests for link exchanges.

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a comfy chair, and enjoy reading through the following blogs. I promise you will find some good reading material!

What’s In My Feed Reader

These are the blogs that I read on a regular basis (in addition to the M-Network and Eleven Moms blogs, of course). If you’re looking for other frugal and finance blogs to read, start here!

Eleven Moms

In August 2008 I was chosen to be one of Walmart’s Eleven Moms, a groundbreaking campaign where mom bloggers partner with Walmart to give frugal tips to the Walmart community and beyond. Learn more about Walmart’s Eleven Moms at www.walmart.com. My fellow Eleven Moms blogs are listed here.

Blogs of My Friends

These are the blogs that I read every day to keep up on the lives of my friends. Though they have nothing to do with personal finance and frugality, these women are very dear to me, and I read them every day.