12 Frugal Graduation Gift Ideas for High School and College Graduates

It’s hard to believe graduation season is here already! I was driving past a local high school the other day with my window rolled down and I swore I could smell the Senioritis. Graduation season is […]

How to Feed Your Family on a Tight Budget

When financial times are tight, the grocery budget is the easiest part of the budget to cut. Over the last 15 years our grocery budget has ranged from less than $100 a month (when we had […]

Where Do You Find the Deals?

I hate paying full price for things, so I looks for good deals before I spend money. One of the strategies I use to save money is stay out of the stores. It works pretty well, […]

When Buying on Sale Isn’t Frugal

Make sure a sale item is a frugal purchase before forking over the money. I’m all about saving money.  You know that.  And I love sales.  I hate paying full price.  But there are some times […]

Grocery Shopping Strategy: How I Save Money on Food

Kacie from Sense to Save asked me to share how I go about my grocery shopping each week. I actually have two methods, depending on how organized (or not) I am on any given week. The […]

3 Websites that Will Help You Save Money on Groceries

If you’re trying to save money, one of the best places to cut your budget is your grocery bill. For most families, the grocery bill is the third largest budget category behind housing and transportation. With […]

My Experience Buying a Used Car with Cash

In January, my husband and I knew we needed to get a new car. Jim had driven his 1990 Toyota Celica into the ground. With 212,000 miles on it, the Celica had served us well, but […]

How to Shop Frugally

After reading my frugal or cheap post yesterday, paidtwice asked an interesting question. Does shopping at Walmart make me frugal or cheap? And I am not talking about any ethical considerations. I am talking about buying […]

6 Supermarket Savings Secrets

1. Shop Once Per Week Shopping once a week forces you to keep make a shopping list. Shopping with a list (and just sticking to it) means you’ll be less tempted by impulse buys, and you […]

6 Tips to Save Money on Your Phone Bill

I love saving money on my phone bill. It’s one of the easiest bills to cut. Here are some ways to trim the phone bill. Cut out Call Waiting I think this is one of the […]

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