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51 Ways to Save Money in College

Saving money for college is a job in itself. College students should earn credit for doing it, because the task requires using the mind and it’s helpful for life after college. So to help out the […]

Behold The Power of Beans!

If you’re a Dave Ramsey fan like us, you’ve heard the slogan “rice and beans!” He doesn’t really mean you have to eat rice and beans all of the time, but many of us have learned […]

Frugal Summertime Fun

My kids have nine days of school left this year. I estimate it will be 9.5 days before the “I’m bored” chorus begins. Even though we school at home now, the summer transition is about the […]

What’s Your Frugal Secret Weapon?

Most hardcore cheapskates have a secret. Their price book or coupon strategy or a hard-and-fast rule “never shop on Fridays, always buy gas on Tuesdays.” I’m going to bare all, and share my arsenal of secret […]

How to Save Money on Groceries

With food prices on the rise, it seems everyone is looking for ways to save money on groceries. Fortunately, by tweaking just a few of your habits, you can offset rising food prices with grocery savings. […]

Frugal New Year’s Goals

Christmas is over, and 2011 is staring us in the face. It’s the time of the year when people are making New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not a big fan of resolutions, as most people tend to […]

In the Battle of Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees, Which is More Frugal?

I used to be a die-hard real Christmas tree fan. Growing up in California, my family would head to the Christmas tree lot every year and pick out a wonderful, pine-y smelling Christmas tree. It was […]

Frugal and Meaningful Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and I’m getting ready for my Thanksgiving feast! But for me, Thanksgiving is about more than food. It’s about being thankful, of course, but also about celebrating friends and […]

Frugal Tips for Busy People

My life has changed a lot since I started writing At the time I started, my oldest child was in full day public school, and my youngest child was in preschool three mornings a week. […]

7 Ways to Pay Less for Everything You Buy

Don’t you hate leaving the store feeling like you paid too much? For the cost conscious it seems no matter what you buy, it’s hard to be happy about it unless you got a decent deal. […]

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