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As Seen On TV Gimmicks to Save Money?

You’ve seen the ads. Soap Savers to help you use every last sliver of soap. Pants Extenders to help your pants fit, even after you gain weight. Soda Pop Lids to keep your soda fresh, in […]

Be a Good House Guest When Visiting Relatives

One of the most popular vacation destinations for young frugal families is the home of relatives. Staying with relatives, assuming they welcome you as house guests, is a great way to save money on lodging costs […]

10 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Under $20

Father’s Day seems to have snuck up on me this year. Maybe it’s because I was out of town last week. Or maybe it’s because public school in our town is getting out a week later […]

Top 4 Wedding Budget Busters

They meet, fall in love, and then get engaged. All of these events are leading up to the big day…the wedding day. While many couples see this as a natural progression of their relationship, many don’t […]

Proof that Frugal People DO Have a Life

This is a guest post from MD of Studenomics— a blog for normal 20-somethings that want to save money and enjoy life. You know the deal. If you enjoy this post, please subscribe to the feed […]

5 Fun and Frugal Spring Family Activities

With the nice weather coming our way I have been thinking about some of the fun and frugal family activities that we did last Spring and plan on doing again this year. So I thought I […]

6 Simple Tricks to Save $1000 On Coffee Per Year

Face it, your coffee habit is expensive. The daily trips to the coffee shop really add up when you actually run the numbers. Not convinced? If you go to Starbucks everyday, you probably spend between $50-$80 […]

You Tell Me: What’s the Hardest Part About Being Frugal?

Being frugal isn’t always easy. I’ll be honest and admit there are some weeks I’m much more frugal than others. Sometimes I do it all. I shop three different stores, carefully matching coupons to sales prices. […]

Have a Complaint? Don’t Get Mad. Get Satisfaction!

A couple of weeks ago I hit the Carl’s Jr. drivethru with the kids. Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that this was neither a frugal nor a healthy dinner choice. It was that kind […]

How to Be Frugal With Your Time

Time management. It’s one of those subjects that you either love or hate. If you love organizing and scheduling, you love it. If you struggle to find enough time in your day, you hate it. In […]

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