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Don’t Waste Your Food

Don’t Waste Your Food

According to the New York Times, Americans waste approximately 27 percent of the food available for consumption in the United States…about a pound per person per day. That’s an incredible statistic. And that statistic translates into […]

Cutting the Grocery Bill by Playing the Grocery Game

When you decide you want to be more frugal, the easiest area of the budget to cut is the grocery bill. It’s one of the biggest household expenses, and also the most flexible household expense. And […]

How to Start Being Frugal

When I first started this blog I knew the basics about frugality, but I also knew there was plenty of room for improvement. I started reading blogs such as Like Merchant Ships and Wise Bread, and […]

What is Frugality? The Definition of Being Frugal

Frugality is a word we hear tossed around frequently these days. Dire news reports on the economy state that people are pinching their pennies, going back to the frugality of their grandparent’s days. They way frugal […]

Frugal Christmas Tips

Today I thought I’d highlight a few great money saving holiday tips from my readers. Shopping Tips From Theresa Shafer Get a shopping group that finds the best deals. I shop at one store for all […]

Tightwad Tuesday: Frugal and Personal Gift Ideas

Baskets are frugal, personal Christmas gifts. There’s 16 days left until Christmas. Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? Or are you still contemplating what to get your 17 year old nephew, who seems to have […]

How to Properly Reuse Storage Bags

Storage bags, chances are you have them at home and lots of them. They are very useful, help contain messes and make putting things away easy. We could go through lots of them fast and be […]

How to Find Great Deals on Christmas Presents

I avoid malls like the plague during the month of December. I’m one of those people who likes to have all of my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, so I can relax and enjoy the holiday […]

Kill Energy Vampires and Reduce Standby Power Usage

It’s National Vampire Power Awareness Day! Do you know what vampire power is? You don’t know what that is? Neither did I until Michelle Hsu contacted me to let me know that Best Buy had declared […]

Frugal Moving Tips

Moving is expensive, but there are ways to cut some of the costs. I’ve moved a lot of times in my life. Not too long ago my kids asked me how many houses I’ve lived in, […]

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