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How to Make Minor Repairs and Remove Scratches in Furniture

I’m cleaning my desk today, and noticed that it’s showing its age. Not two minutes ago, I shouted at my cat to stop scratching my furniture, and over the weekend I moved and dusted my kids’ […]

How To Prepare for Winter Travel

At the time this post goes up, hopefully I’ll be enjoying semi-sunny California weather with my family. A lot of that depends on the weather though. We have one super snowy pass standing between us and […]

Wise Investments for the Home

Sometimes the frugal thing to do is spend money. The key is to weigh whether spending in the short term will mean saving in the long term. This is especially true when it comes to your […]

Home Furnishing from Most Expensive to Least Expensive

My husband and I are revamping our home a little, which necessitates new (to us) furniture, storage solutions, and home décor. Though it’s tempting to run out to the nearest home furnishing store and pick up […]

Are You Ready to Evacuate?

Last Sunday a brush fire started several miles from my home. Though our house was never in danger, people just 10-15 miles away were evacuating for safety. This is the second fire in a short amount […]

How Much Does Your Stuff Cost You?

I’m a person who likes background noise while I work, so I tend to turn the TV on when I’m writing. One of my latest fascinations is the show Hoarding: Buried Alive. For those who have […]

Anatomy of an Organized Kitchen

Over the last week I’ve kicked my cleaning and organizing into high gear, trying to get through the whole house, before I leave for BlogHer next week. This weekend I attacked the kitchen, defrosting the freezer […]

Summer Reading Programs for Kids

As students are wrapping up the school year, parents everywhere are wondering how to keep the kids reading over the summer. Fortunately bookstores and libraries are rolling out their summer reading programs, which often feature a […]

Frugal Home Buying Tips

Frugal Home Buying Tips

It is a very exciting time for my family. My wife and I are in the process of buying our first home! With the distressed homes available, tax credits, and low mortgage rates, our timing couldn’t […]

What If I Can’t Afford to Pay My Mortgage Payment?

Foreclosures continue to plague the country’s housing market. January was the 11th straight month that more than 300,000 properties nationwide received a foreclosure filing. That’s a lot of foreclosures! And that’s a lot of people who […]

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