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Of Cell Phones, Cable TV, and High Speed Internet

Part of being frugal is constantly re-evaluating your bills to make sure the services you pay for are serving your needs. Up next for re-evaluation in our house is our Phone/TV/Internet service. When we moved here […]

Samaritan Insurance: Health Insurance for Christians

Recently my husband and I have been evaluating all our bills to try to cut back. Like so many other people, the economy has taken it’s toll on our finances, and we’re looking for ways to […]

Find Your Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow: Money Lessons from Irish Proverbs

Find Your Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow: Money Lessons from Irish Proverbs

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Across the country today, people are celebrating by wearing green and eating corned beef and cabbage. I thought I’d extend the Irish celebration to the content of So we’re going to […]

Using Tools to Achieve Financial Goals – Textbook Personal Finance

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been assembling a basic personal finance and tools. We came up with a personal financial plan, then we organized our records to get ready for using a balance sheet to […]

H&R Block At Home Review

Tax season is in full swing now. Many people who are getting refunds have already filed their taxes, while those of us who will have to pay are reluctantly getting our paperwork together in anticipation of […]

How to Do Your Own Taxes

How to Do Your Own Taxes

If you’re a typical person, who earns money from an employer and has no complicated financial dealings, it’s not hard to prepare your own taxes. I prepare my own taxes every year, and I haven’t messed […]

Are You Prepared for an Untimely Death?

Over the weekend I learned some devastating news. A friend that I had lost touch with a while back lost her husband Saturday morning. This is a young family with 4 young children. You don’t expect […]

Is Your Escrow Money Safe? Maybe Not.

You buy a home with an FHA loan. Every month, you pay not only your principle, but PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance), and property taxes. When property tax time comes around, the mortgage company takes the money […]

Look at the Big Picture

I’m writing this post from an airplane, flying from Seattle to Chicago. I’ve got a great window seat, and looking down at the earth below, I see mountains and valleys, lakes and little patches of snow. […]

How to Protect Yourself Against Unemployment

I love statistics. Last night I decided to go on a hunt to find out about unemployment rates in the United States. What I found didn’t surprise me. Unemployment rates are up. And Oregon has the […]

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