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10 Steps to Filing Income Taxes

It’s April 15th. Are your taxes done? In celebration of the end of tax season, I’d like to offer a somewhat humorous look at what I went through to do my taxes this year. I might […]

Frugality: How Far is Too Far?

2am in the morning. I awoke with a startle…what in the world was that shrieking noise? Is that a vacuum cleaner? Really?! Who in the world would be vacuuming at 2 in the bloody morning? I […]

The Limits of My Frugality

I love getting a great deal. I celebrate when I get items free by combining sale prices with coupons. I pat myself on the back when I combine a Children’s Place coupon with a clearance sale […]

Things I Learned From Doing My Taxes

At long last, I’m finally just about finished with my taxes. I just need to add in my husband’s supplemental income from announcing high school basketball games, and Turbo Tax will be ready to file for […]

Is This What Christmas Has Become?

I’m not a last minute shopper. Every year I try to get my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, so I can relax and enjoy the simple things at Christmas time…friends, family, music, baking, and the list […]

12 Steps to a Prosperous New Year

New Years are like new beginnings. Make sure you have a plan. This article is part of an M-Network group writing project, the 12 Days of Christmas – Personal Finance Style. Last year, the M-Network changed […]

Spend Less Than You Earn, a Free eBook (PDF)

My mission on this blog, and one of my passions in life is to encourage people to live within their means and kiss debt goodbye. A few weeks ago a like-minded blogger, Jason of Live to […]

A Reader Success Story

Two weeks ago, Angelsong wrote me to tell me about how her emergency fund had come in handy recently. I always love to hear success stories, so I asked her if she’d write her story in […]

How to Make Ends Meet When You Can’t Find a Good Job

How to Make Ends Meet When You Can’t Find a Good Job

When my husband lost his job three weeks ago, we had no idea how long he’d be out of work. We also knew we didn’t want him to take just any commissioned sales job that wouldn’t […]

Your Financial Life on One Page (FLOP)

Make sure your loved one knows where to find your financial information, should something happen to you. When I was about 14 years old, my uncle suddenly and unexpectedly went home to be with the Lord. […]

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