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Cleaning Up After a Flooded Basement

Cleaning Up After a Flooded Basement

In December of 2010, 5 days before Christmas, unusual weather conditions in my hometown resulted in a higher water table — a water table that invaded my home and every other home on my street. We […]

How to Fix a Water Damaged Cell Phone

How to Fix a Water Damaged Cell Phone

Last summer I was hanging out with the kids in the yard. My 9 year old son was playing with my cell phone, while my 2 year old daughter was playing with her water table. At […]

How Hard Can It Be to Cancel a DirecTV Account?

I’ve been waiting for this day for a year and a half. After some bad customer service from DirecTV and some research that led to even more bad customer service stories, I’ve been waiting for my […]

The Non-Update on My Escrow Refund

It’s been over a month since I received a rubber escrow refund check from my former mortgage provider, Taylor, Bean, & Whitaker. For those who didn’t catch the story the first time around, my husband and […]

Don’t Get Hacked or Scammed

Last week my Facebook account was hacked. Someone got ahold of my password, changed it, so I couldn’t get into my account, and then posted some pretty awful stuff that worried a lot of my friends. […]

My Facebook Profile Has Been Hacked

Apparently somewhere in the last half hour or so, someone hacked my Facebook account and posted that I swallowed a bottle of pills. It’s not true. I am fine. It’s a little disconcerting to know that […]

You Tell Me: If you could have everything you wanted, would you take it?

When I was about 6 years old, there was a game I used to play. I would make a wish (often to live in a castle), blow on a dandelion with my eyes closed, and hope […]

The Newest Addition to the Frugal Family

Meet Chloe. She’s a 10-12 month mixed breed that we adopted from Animal Control last Thursday. The family (especially the kids) is excited to welcome her into our home. The only exception is the cats, who […]

The Disneyland Report

We’re finally back from Disneyland! We’ve unpacked, done the laundry, and I finally have time to tell you all about our trip. It was a blast, and I’m glad we waited until our kids are as […]

Deciding to Homeschool Our Children and How We Got Here

Deciding to Homeschool Our Children and How We Got Here

I left you hanging with a little teaser on Monday, when I told you about the school budget cuts and my concerns about the upcoming school year. I told you I was trying to decide between […]

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