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Public School Budget Cuts. What Should a Parent Do?

Public School Budget Cuts. What Should a Parent Do?

Last Tuesday evening, a special PTO meeting was called. A representative from our school district came to speak about next year’s budget. Sadly, only 13 parents, including me, showed up. I knew the budget situation was […]

Another Bad Customer Service Horror Story: LunarPages

I can tell you after returning from both South by Southwest and the CPG Summit that companies are all abuzz about social media marketing. Transparency is the new key word in marketing. Transparency when bloggers blog […]

Getting Through Tough Financial Times

Getting Through Tough Financial Times

You all know that I’m not a stranger to financial strain. My husband has lost his job a few times, and we’re pretty much a one income family. Yes, when you lose your only income, things […]

Score One For The Little Guy!

For those following my DirecTV/Qwest saga from this morning, I have good news to report. After 3 calls and one Twitter conversation with DirecTV representatives last night. After another call with Qwest this morning. After writing […]

It Might Be Legal, but It Sure Isn’t Ethical!

I don’t rant often, but I must warn you. There’s a doozy ahead. My Initial Contact With DirecTV As you all know, we moved in September. At the time, we signed up for a bundle package […]

The Importance of Renters Insurance

You never know when disaster will strike. Be prepared. On New Year’s Eve 1996, I got a call from my parents, who lived 100 miles away from me at the time. The home they lived in […]

An Interview with a Millionaire

I believe that success in life is rarely a case of luck, but rather a matter of cause and effect. If you do A and B you will get C. In most cases if you just […]

My Frugal Story by Jim of Bargaineering

My Frugal Story begins as a child. Growing up, my parents were frugal and it was a mindset they passed along to me. In 1978, my father bought a one way ticket from Taiwan to the […]

The Wisdom of Generations Past

Take the time to get to know senior citizens. It’s well worth it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about relationships between older people and younger people. You see, a women’s group I’m involved in with […]

My Husband Lost His Job: How to Survive a Job Loss

It is stressful when your husband loses his job. No, not my husband. Not since last October, anyway. Unfortunately “my husband lost his job” is one of the frequent search terms people use to find […]

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