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Start a Christmas Savings Accounts with SmartyPig

Christmas is coming quickly, and if your financial habits are like my past financial habits, you’re starting to wonder how you’re going to pay for Christmas. It’s not a fun feeling, and it’s one I understand. […]

You Tell Me: Overdraft Opt-In Rule

Yesterday the Federal Reserve enacted a rule, which would make it mandatory that banks allow customers opt-in to overdraft protection, rather than automatically enroll customers, as is the current practice. In other words, consumers would have […]

How to Move Your Bank Account to Another Bank

Today is the day. Almost two months ago, I declared I would do it. I’m changing banks this afternoon. My husband and I have banked with Washington Mutual, now Chase, for 14 years. It’s time to […]

List of Bank Fees to Watch Out For

List of Bank Fees to Watch Out For

Ever since my banking fiasco, involving my Taylor, Bean, & Whitaker bounced escrow check and the overdraft fees I incurred, but were then reversed by Chase, I’ve been searching for a new bank to park my […]

Chase Insufficient Funds Fee: The Final Chapter

For those who aren’t familiar with my recent financial saga, I’ll give a quick recap. For the full story, click on the links below. August 27 – I deposit an escrow refund check from Taylor, Bean, […]

Chase Just Lost My Business

Here’s the latest update in my fiasco with my Taylor, Bean, & Whitaker bounced escrow check. I’m not happy with Chase right now. In fact, as soon as this mess gets straightened out, I will be […]

Beginners’ Guide to Asset Allocation

Most people have heard the term asset allocation even if they aren’t investors themselves. It’s a term that gets used frequently when planning your finances and investments so it’s a great idea to have some idea […]

7 Savings Strategies

Make a commitment to save next year. This article is part of an M-Network group writing project, the 12 Days of Christmas – Personal Finance Style. As the project moves through it’s days, I will be […]

A Little Bit of Investment Knowledge Goes a Long Way

Knowledge = power. Are you giving 100% to reducing your debts and improving your financial situation? Have you made enough of progress so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe you […]

It’s Just a Drop in the Bucket

I study a martial art.  Occasionally after class my Sensei will tell us What you learned tonight is just a tiny drop in the bucket.  In the grand scheme of this art tonight wasn’t much.  But […]

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