For those following my DirecTV/Qwest saga from this morning, I have good news to report. After 3 calls and one Twitter conversation with DirecTV representatives last night. After another call with Qwest this morning. After writing a blog post and talking with other dissatisfied DirecTV customers this morning. And after launching an EECB (Executive Email Carpet Bomb….thanks John!), my issue has been resolved.

I received a call from Matt at DirecTV 20 minutes ago, telling me that they will force the rebate, even though it’s been more than 60 days. Which is interesting, because I was told in no uncertain terms by the Qwest representative this morning that forcing the rebate would be impossible, even if I petitioned her supervisor and her supervisor’s supervisor…and on down the line.

Still, I’m happy to have my pricing issue resolved, and I thank Matt, @DirecTV, and whoever put Matt on the case for making it happen.

However, I hope DirecTV listens to the customers. Most people don’t have blogs with 4000+ readers to tell their stories. Most people don’t have readers who can point them to the email addresses of corporate officers at the companies they have issues with. I feel privileged to be in this position, and I feel I must speak up in asking for corporate policies to be changed.

Please, no more deceptive rebates. If as a company, you can’t afford to offer your basic package for $44.99 a month, so you figure in a deceptive rebate, knowing that most will end up paying $62 a month, just change your pricing structure. I’d much rather do business with a company I trust to be straight up with me, than a company I feel is trying to take advantage of me at every turn. Raise your price to $54.99 a month with no rebate involved.

After all, I held on to my phone line and signed up for DirecTV with Qwest, because Qwest had earned my trust as a customer. It would have been less expensive for me to go with Charter all around, but I felt Qwest had earned my business.

Which brings me to the issue of what to do with Qwest. Since it was their representative who initially made the DirecTV offer and didn’t thoroughly explain it, and since it was the Qwest customer service rep that assured me there was no way, even if I went above her head, to adjust my bill, I’m not too happy with Qwest right now.

After all, I copied the EECB to their executives too, and I haven’t heard one word.**Update at the bottom of the post…I heard back.**

I’m not in any contract with Qwest. If I drop them, I’ll lose the $5 a month bundle DirecTV savings, but I’ll be saving about $30 a month for phone service. I’d probably just use my cell instead. I’m thinking it might be time to let Qwest go. I’ll have to ponder that for a bit. What do you think?

**UPDATE: I just heard back from Charles at Qwest. He was calling to let me know Qwest had spoken to DirecTV and I would be receiving the rebate credit. He apologized for taking so long to fix the problem. So thank you Charles and the Qwest team for working alongside DirecTV for a fix!