Eureka Endeavor NLS Vacuum Review

When my wife and I moved last year, she didn’t own a vacuum, and I had a massive canister one that was a hand-me-down from my Uncle. I looked up the model and it came out in 1988. So it’s a big old….and huge. So when we moved I wanted something super light. So we purchased a lightweight battery powered vacuum.

My wife hates it.

I don’t mind it, but she hates having to recharge the battery, and it’s small and light, which is nice for stair….but we don’t have that many stairs.

Enter the Eureka Endeavor NLS. It’s not small. It’s not electric. But man can this thing SUCK!

ha ha.

The NLS stands for “No Loss of Suction”.

It’s very powerful, and it worked especially well on our carpet. Though we did use it on our fake hardwood kitchen area as well, and it did pretty good there as well.


  • Lots of power
  • Easy to empty (no bags!)
  • Surprisingly nimble for it’s size
  • Price: $79.88 at Walmart


  • Bulky, and pretty loud
  • Lots of plastic

Overall for the price, it’s a pretty darn good vacuum.

And now my wife is happy : ).

Video of Eureka Endeavor NLS

What do you think are the most important features in a vacuum.

Disclosure: We received this vacuum as a review unit to keep. Which is awesome, cause we needed a vacuum! End disclosure.


By , on Sep 23, 2011
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  1. brian grosz:

    i havent had my endeavor by eurecka for more than 8 months and it now heats up and shuts down when it cools down u can start it back up again i am very dissappointed with this problem nothing is jammed up in it and the wheel flows free if anyone has an explaination for this please post

  2. Susan:

    SUCTION! Two boys, a big hairy collie, lots of beach sand and outside dirt. I need to be able to pick it ALL up!

  3. Crystal:

    When I buy a new vacuum, it’s most important to me that it doesn’t need bags… nothing is more frustrating than having a full bag and not having another on hand!

  4. I love vacuums that have a hepa filter. When you use them the air coming out doesn’t have any kind of smell. Vacuums without the filter tend to leave a dusty smell in the room from the tiny particles that escape the filter. The hepa ones take everything out leaving the room feeling a little bit cleaner. Just a personal preference I guess.

  5. Kathryn:

    Of all things in life, a vacuum is really the only thing that you want to suck :)

  6. Jag:

    Need this to suck away the hairs and dust coming in every day when I open my Patio.

  7. Pamela:

    The suction. I once had a vacuum cleaner and you would go over the same spot over and over and it wouldn’t pick up anything!

  8. Joyce Schutt:

    I live in the mountains and between all the dirt, two dogs, a cat, plus a wood stove, I need a vacuum with great suction to pick up the dirt, pet hair, and the mess associated with using a wood stove.

  9. Angella:

    Suction is the most important. I have a 14 month old that leaves a trail of crumbs everywhere, so I need a vacuum than can get it ALL up! Also noise is important, I really dislike very loud vacuums!

  10. I need lots of suction to clean up all the hair from my 2 dogs and 2 cats! Plus it needs to be convenient enough to use OFTEN!!

  11. Jess M.:

    I’m wimpy, so I like light vacuums.

  12. Jem:

    I need something small for storage and obviously works!

  13. Echo Dannelle:

    The most important things to us are price, of course, and durability. We can’t afford to replace vacuums every year. We’ve had to buy a new one every year for the last three years, that’s how we figured out we can’t afford it ;)

  14. Laura R:

    Durability is most important to me. It needs to be reliable!

  15. Elissa Burke:

    Ability to suck up crumbs, dry cereal, crackers, etc. left by five children.

  16. chris:

    suction – it has to be able to pick up the dog hair

  17. Maddy Han:

    I am a big fan of eco friendliness in a vacuum. Buying bags adds to the cost of it and fills up the landfills, so any vacuum that I own has to be bagless.

  18. stephanie:

    It needs to be able to pick up pet hair.

  19. Jan:

    I think suction would be very important to me!

  20. Glenna:

    Suction is absolutely the most important thing. It makes me crazy to go over and over the same spot to pick up a piece of lint!

  21. Lynne:

    I want something that is fairly light so I can easily do the stairs.

  22. Amanda:

    I am a big fan of attachments to get in all those little areas or hard to reach.

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