Eureka Endeavor NLS Vacuum Review

When my wife and I moved last year, she didn’t own a vacuum, and I had a massive canister one that was a hand-me-down from my Uncle. I looked up the model and it came out in 1988. So it’s a big old….and huge. So when we moved I wanted something super light. So we purchased a lightweight battery powered vacuum.

My wife hates it.

I don’t mind it, but she hates having to recharge the battery, and it’s small and light, which is nice for stair….but we don’t have that many stairs.

Enter the Eureka Endeavor NLS. It’s not small. It’s not electric. But man can this thing SUCK!

ha ha.

The NLS stands for “No Loss of Suction”.

It’s very powerful, and it worked especially well on our carpet. Though we did use it on our fake hardwood kitchen area as well, and it did pretty good there as well.


  • Lots of power
  • Easy to empty (no bags!)
  • Surprisingly nimble for it’s size
  • Price: $79.88 at Walmart


  • Bulky, and pretty loud
  • Lots of plastic

Overall for the price, it’s a pretty darn good vacuum.

And now my wife is happy : ).

Video of Eureka Endeavor NLS

What do you think are the most important features in a vacuum.

Disclosure: We received this vacuum as a review unit to keep. Which is awesome, cause we needed a vacuum! End disclosure.


By , on Sep 23, 2011
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  1. monica:

    When buying a new vacuum for me the suction is the most important.
    monk5 at charter dot net

  2. Bill:

    I have a big cat with lots and lots of hair. He might be the most shedding cat in the U.S. right now. That is why NLS is important to me!

  3. Scootie:

    I like portability but suction is always important! YIKES

  4. Beth:

    The most important thing in a vacuum for me is easy-to-use attachments so I can clean up after my cat! :)

  5. Sally Mazgaj:

    I think the most important thing to me in a vacuum is
    cleanliness of the entire house ! Our vacuum is old and
    is on it’s last hose taped with duct tape. Thanks for
    this opportunity.

  6. I’d like to blame my lil’ dogs for all the hair… but it’s really my loose ends laying round. So suction is tops here on my list.

  7. sharon dice:

    Living in a two story farmhouse it would be nice to have a vacuum on both floors!

  8. wendi:

    Being a newlywed we merged households and also need a new vac. We are looking for a nice smaller upright that does not take up alot of room with ease of use as our criteria and this looks perfect. We loved your video and I am a loyal subscriber and thank you for creating BeingFrugal and look forward to all your new tips.
    Crossing our fingers on winning a new SMALL vac!

  9. Christy L:

    Suction is my greatest priority in a vacuum. I don’t want to waste my time moving the vacuum around if it’s not picking up everything!

  10. Kim:

    As long as it works fairly well, my biggest concern is noise level. – often delay vacuuming because I can’t hear the kids while it’s running.

  11. Carol:

    The weight of the vacuum, along with its ease of manueverability, are most important to me. In other words, is it easy to use?!

  12. Bagless!! We vacuum so often and bags get expensive!

  13. Ginger Alexander:

    Suction! Is the most important to me and bagless runs a close second, as I have a cat and COPD.

    I have always preferred Eureka but mine died and I have been borrowing my daughter’s for two years now.

  14. Cindy:

    The most important thing to me is suction and the second most important thing is a user friendly machine…not too heavy, easy to use on stairs and easy to empty.

  15. lani c:

    With dogs and kids I need one with suction power!!

  16. Most important to me is the ability to work on wood floors and cope with dog hair.

  17. Janice Carroll:

    We have five cats (no, I am not single – surprise!) – so I need a great vacuum. The one I have isn’t cutting it. Pick me, pick me! Pretty please)

  18.  Beth:

    Most important to me is price! As a recent college grade and first-year teacher, I need a vacuum for my apartment, but cannot afford a decent one. For the last few months, I’ve been vacuuming with a tiny hand-held… takes a LONG time!

  19. We are looking for a new vacuum. I’m looking for something that is bagless & that is sturdy enough to last while.

  20. Danielle M:

    The ability to suck up lots of pet hair! And keep doing it over and over…..definiltly the most part in choosing a vacuum! The second part would be ease of use on stairs since we live in a townhouse.

  21. Lynn T:

    It just needs to be tough enough to last longer than a year. We have had a run of bad luck and we have had to buy a couple of uprights the last couple of years. Good suction is a plus! :)

  22. Danielle:

    The ability to suck up lots of pet hair! And keep doing it over and over…..definiltly the most part in choosing a vacuum!

  23. Aleta Leatherman:

    The most important thing to me is the bagless feature (and good suction, of course!) Once many years ago, I forgot to check the bag for several weeks, and it exploded, breaking the plastic cover and rendering my vacuum useless!

  24. Alana:

    I like something that will work on pet hair because I have 4 cats and 1 dog.

  25. what is most important to me is that it can pick up several same items one right after the other. example-popcorn- i hate sucking up 2 pieces and then having to wait for them to “digest”.

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