Such an exciting time! Ever since you saw that positive result on your pregnancy test, you have been daydreaming about your new arrival.

You’ve perhaps told your friends, your relatives are thrilled, or perhaps you are keeping the big news to yourself for a while. Whatever stage you are at in your pregnancy journey, all that is left to do is put your feet up, be good to yourself, and anxiously await those first cuddles and the wonderful feeling of becoming a mom.

But although the excitement and joy are overwhelming, so sometimes is the worry about the practicality of raising a child, particularly the cost. After all, it is the number one complaint we hear from other parents, so you may be feeling anxious about what your little loved one will need, and if you can afford it.

But do not worry! We have got you covered. This comprehensive guide for expecting moms will give you great ideas for cutting costs whilst also making sure your baby has the best start in life.

This advice comes from thousands of women around the world that have millions of collective of ‘Mom’ hours under their belts.

So sit back, don’t panic, and check out the most frugal hacks for expecting Moms and how you can save money on baby stuff.

Buy Second-Hand

Babies, especially newborns, grow at lightning speed. One minute they are a little bundle of joy that sits comfortably on your chest, the next thing they are all arms and legs and outgrowing clothes seemingly overnight!

Some are understandably turned off by buying second-hand for their precious newborn. But second-hand baby stuff comes from other moms who are usually as careful about hygiene as you are. Most likely their little ones only got 1 or 2 uses out of the item before they needed the next size up. More from Sweet Frugal Life.

Sure, it’s normal and expected to splash out a little on important clothes, like their coming home outfit or a lovely jumpsuit for a newborn photo shoot. But if you economize on stay-at-home outfits, you will save yourself $$$ on clothes that you’re little one may only wear once or twice.

Second-Hand Equipment

It cannot be stressed enough that buying brand new is not always necessary, especially when you are on a budget.

Online second-hand supermarkets like Facebook Market Place are a great resource to buy second-hand. You can find travel systems, travel cribs, toy boxes, bouncers and so much more, all still in excellent condition and for sale at a fraction of the original price.

All they need is a little clean, or TLC and they will be sparkling like new!

Crafters often use Facebook to advertise their stock as it is free to list items. Some moms have been able to buy brand new hand-crafted knitwear especially for newborns for just a few dollars.

Ask Friends

If none of your friends have recently had babies, they will know someone who has.

Take advantage of the post-pandemic baby boom by asking around if anyone has baby clothes or toys they would like to donate to you for free or at a cheap price.

Babies grow out of toys almost as fast as they grow out of their clothes. It doesn’t take long for them to master one toy and quickly move onto the next. So, there are loads of Moms out there with toys, books, games, playmats, pushchairs, walkers, and tons of other items cluttering up space.

They would love nothing more than to clear some room by donating them to you, or for you to come and pick them up for free. Even if your baby is currently too young for the item, take it anyway and save it for later.

Sign Up for Freebies

There are tons of companies and healthcare providers that are eager to give expecting moms’ baby items for free. Some packs are better than others, and you may have to sign up to a few mailing lists before you get anything, but if you sign up with an email you don’t use very much, the extra spam won’t bother you so much.

Freebie bags are great for expecting moms. They often come in packs and will be tailored to different stages of your journey from pregnancy, all the way through that first year of motherhood.

Packs usually contain a host of free samples, such as:

  • Lotions and oils
  • Wet wipes
  • Vitamin drops
  • Breastmilk freezer bags
  • Formula sachets
  • Nappies
  • Baby vests
  • Newborn bottle teats
  • Colic drop samples
  • Travel size powders and creams

The great thing about the free samples is that you can try the product out before investing any cash buying a whole tub or bottle and later finding out you don’t like it or can’t use it, saving you more money in the long run.

Complete Surveys

There are so many companies out there that are competing with each other to sell their products to expectant parents, and they are always conducting research surveys to collect demographic data about their customers.

So, there is no shortage of online surveys you can complete and they almost always have cash or discount incentives.

Surveys often reward you for your time with money off coupons that can be redeemed at local outlets for various baby products and items.

If you sign up to a survey agency and tell them your preferences, they will forward you surveys that you qualify for that are offering enticing coupons and money off deals only on products you are interested in.

If you have a big purchase to make, like a new crib or a buggy, it’s worth checking out survey offers to see if they are giving discount vouchers or codes for outlets that sell those larger items.

The great thing about survey sites is that they keep on giving! You can get money off vouchers for yourself and the rest of your family members. You are free to sign up for new ones anytime, so you can continue to save money as your little one grows.

Make a Practical Baby Shower WishList

Baby showers, whether you’re into them or not, they are a great resource for getting necessary items gifted to you from friends and family.

Baby showers are first and foremost a time to celebrate your impending arrival and share the joy of the good news with those closest to you. You may not like asking for specific items, but people love to buy things for babies, especially items that are going to make mom’s life a whole lot easier.

Make a list of items you need online and share it with your guests, they won’t be offended. People would much prefer to buy things you will use than waste money on duplicate items or things that will go to waste.

Ask them to buy items that do not cost much, such as:

  • Teething rings and mitts
  • Breastfeeding pillows (because they are handy even after you stop breastfeeding, or even if you choose not to)
  • Bibs
  • Muslins
  • Changing mats

Inexpensive items may not seem like much, but when you add the cost of all the smaller items together it can be quite a bit.

Economize on Dispensable Items

Now items that touch your baby’s skin directly should always be of good quality. If your baby doesn’t react well to certain cheaper brands, such as cheap baby wipes or nappies, then perhaps you do need to splurge.

However, the middle-range brands mostly work just as well as the more expensive ones, and you can save yourself quite a bit if you try those brands first.

So long as the nappies, wipes, and other items are sensitive and made for newborns and young babies, you should be okay. However every baby is different, some have super sensitive skin and require more specialized items to meet their needs.

And if you do need to buy the higher brand nappies and wipes, rest in the knowledge that you are saving yourself a ton on nappy creams and ointments.

Buy Reusable Diapers

Reusable diapers are also another option if you don’t want to be continuously at the store, especially if your baby cannot wear the cheaper brands.

Now, disposable diapers are not cheap. And they are more time-consuming than disposables, but they will save you money in the long run and are better for the environment, which is always a bonus.

DIY items

Not every mother uses muslins, but those who do know how much of a godsend they are and how likely you are to lose them! Muslins are great for catching spit-ups, wiping up spills and other messes without worrying about stains.

However, muslins can get pricey, sometimes costing around $10 for a pack of 3. If you do not have the budget to be constantly replacing muslins, then ripping up some old towels or old clothes will do just as good a job, and you won’t feel so bad if you misplace one or two along the way!

DIY Games

Another DIY hack especially for newborns is entertainment! You may be wondering how to entertain your newborn, and the good news is they don’t need much.

There are loads of learning toys and techniques for even the smallest of babies, but you don’t have to pay up for a pack of picture cards just yet. A better option is to make them yourself!

Newborns’ eyesight is not fully developed until they are 12 weeks old. Until then they can only really make out contrasts. Cut out a few A5 sizes of white paper and draw block pictures on them in black ink.

Your baby will love looking at the color difference, and they will love anything that you draw for them. To those little eyes, you are the best artist in the world!

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a huge time and effort saver, as well as saving you those precious pennies!

However you give birth, you’re going to be sore and unable to move much in those first weeks. Even if you live across the street from your local store, getting there and back might be a struggle.

Buying nappies, formula, and baby wipes in large packs means that you are covered for the essentials for the first few weeks. Not only will doing so save you physical discomfort but also save you quite a few bucks.

You will often get a discount buying in bulk compared to if you buy packs individually. You’ll also save yourself multiple trips to the store, saving you even more money on gas too!


Your financial situation should not take away the joy of bringing a new life into the world. Whether you are a brand new expecting Mom or you are becoming Mom again for the second, third, or fourth time, saving money can be a great stress reliever, allowing you to concentrate on more important things, like bonding with your new baby.

Frugal hacks like shopping second hand for items large and small, seeking out online free-listings for handcrafted items, asking friends and family to buy essentials for your baby shower, or just as a gift if you aren’t having one, are all great ideas to stock up on those essentials and spend little to no money.

When it does come to those regular daily items, and when purchasing things yourself is unavoidable, you don’t always have to go for the biggest and best brands.

Middle-range brands are often just as good as high-end products. If you are not sure then ask other moms who have used them before, trust us, you will always get honest reviews from other Moms about baby stuff!

Buying reusable items, buying in bulk, and or making some things yourself is another cost-effective method to get everything you need without breaking the bank.

Whichever money-saving method works for you, rest assured that you’re already doing a great job, Momma!

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