Do you hear wedding bells? Well, it’s June and prime wedding season. I should know. My husband and I got married 14 years ago June 17. I think we attended around 8 other weddings that summer, too.

Attending weddings means bringing a wedding gift. Now, I love buying wedding gifts, because I remember appreciating everything that was given to my husband and I when we got married. It really helped us to set up our first home, a lovely pink townhouse in student housing.

Since I love shopping for wedding gifts so much, I don’t really have a go-to gift that I buy for every couple. The wedding gifts I buy tend to be a combination of my mood and what I find a great deal on. Here are some of my favorite things to get a newly married couple, though.

  • A nice picture frame…perfect for wedding pictures
  • Casserole dishes. I don’t know why these always appeal to me, other than the fact that I had NONE when my husband and I tied the knot. That and they last forever. I’m still using the casseroles that we received at our wedding.
  • A picnic basket, full of yummy goodies. We received a couple of them at our wedding, and they made for some good times early in our marriage.

So what gifts do you typically buy when you attend a wedding? Do you have a go-to gift, or do you vary what you buy?

Photo by *spudballoo*.