With the nice weather coming our way I have been thinking about some of the fun and frugal family activities that we did last Spring and plan on doing again this year. So I thought I would share some and ask you for some additions to my list! Here are my families top 5 fun and frugal spring activities.

  1. Backyard BBQ with a Twist! – We have a lot of fun as a family eating and cooking outside. Recently I have been adding another fun twist and cooking s’mores with the kids and using the BBQ to roast our marshmallows. They have a blast. Not the best thing for my waistline though.
  2. Family Bike Rides – We take advantage of the numerous bike trails in our area. Typically, we pack a lunch and make an afternoon out of it. My six year old can now ride without training wheels so he keeps up with my wife and I quite well. I have a bike trailer for the girls that I pull behind me. A worthwhile investment, plus it gives me a great workout where I can burn off a few of those s’mores.
  3. High School Baseball Games – With my son currently playing little league, he wants me to take him to a couple “big kid” games this spring. The cool thing about high school games is you are so close to the action and the most expensive part of the trip is the gas to get there.
  4. Visit the Public Library – The public library in our town has a weekly ‘story time’ where a volunteer reads a story to the children and then does an activity with them. Typically, they do some sort of an arts & crafts activity that relates to the story. My wife has already taken our 2 year old daughter a couple times in the past month and she loves it!
  5. Golfer In The Family? – Last weekend my son and I went to a local golf course and just putted around and chipped on the practice facility. It was great, and totally free. They even had a sand-trap he could hit out of. Sure beat paying $7 each to play a miniature golf course. I actually think he enjoyed it more because we were on a “real” golf course.

Please feel free to add to my list. What are some of your favorite frugal family activities? FFFA’s for short.