Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Review and Giveaway

In January, Honeywell contacted me about doing a review of their RTH9580WF Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. I agreed and received the unit a few weeks ago, installed it, and have been using it for about 3 weeks. The following is my review of the product, and at the bottom, you’ll find giveaway information (Honeywell is giving one unit away to a lucky winner).

RTH9580WF Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Review

Compatibility Test

The first thing I had to do before participating in this product review and giveaway is to make sure my current system is compatible with the new Honeywell thermostat. Honeywell provides an easy to follow guide on how to do this. You should check out this guide if you’re planning to participate in the giveaway (you have to verify that your system is compatible). Just as an FYI, my system doesn’t have the C wire, but has an extra wire that works with the thermostat — so I was good to go there.


honeywell thermostat boxhoneywell thermostat box open


Installation was a little more challenging. I tried to do it myself, but soon realized that the extra wire that I have wasn’t connected (so the thermostat won’t power up). I didn’t want to damage my HVAC system in the process of connecting my thermostat, so I called in the pro. He replaced my thermostat and re-configured the wiring in the basement…and viola…we are good to go!

honeywell thermostat power up

Once the system powered up, the next few screens walk me through the system set up and Wi-Fi configuration. It took me about 10 minutes to do the initial set up, including set up an account online and download the iPhone app.


iphone app
I upgraded from a very basic manual thermostat, so there are a lot of things that I like about this Honeywell unit.

  1. Control the thermostat from anywhere using a web browser…or my iPhone.
  2. Fully programmable 7 days a week.
  3. Run the fan on Circulate (which randomly turns on the fan for 15 minutes every hour).
  4. Shows inside humidity in addition to the temperature.
  5. Shows outside temperature and humidity.

To the right is a screen shot of the iPhone app, which happens to be my preferred way of setting up the scheduled. I find it the most user friendly option of the three (vs. set up on the thermostat itself and on the web).


As part of this review Honeywell is giving away one RTH9580WF Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat to a lucky winner. The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents and your system must be compatible with the thermostat, check here. To participate, please follow the instruction below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


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  1. Thank you for this content – excellent moment as I was investing the end of the week exploring this one vs. the Home. After all of my analysis, I will be buying this one…it satisfies all of my needs for a better cost.

  2. Thomas Murphy:

    I just have an old boring one so I would love this because you can control it from anywhere.

  3. Amanda Sakovitz:

    My current thermostat is really old and outdated. This would really change my life for the better!

  4. Wendy Rozema:

    My current thermostat is very hard to program – I’d like to win this b/c I can program it from my smartphone using their app!

  5. Rick McClenthen:

    My current themostat is a Honeywell Programmable unit. I don’t like coming home to a hot or cold home afte a long trip. With the WiFi thermstat, I can adjust the temp prior to my arrival.

  6. Tamra H:

    Our current thermostat is old school and has buttons that stick! It would be great to have a “high tech” gadget thermostat, and would be wonderful to be able to control it from anywhere!

  7. D Schmidt:

    My current one is the standard dull but functioning model. My favorite feature of the thermostat is the smart response that learns your heating and cooling patterns. I would love to win because my Husband is dreadful for messing with our current thermostat and then forgetting to adjust it back before bed/leaving the house.

    Visited the site and learned using the energy savings calculator I could save $426 a year using the thermostat.

    • Pinyo B.:

      @D Schmidt – This one is WiFi programmable but it’s not the adaptive kind.

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