There are a few ways in how to cancel unwanted subscription services. You could make sure you make a note and cancel them one by one through each app or website. But it will be a lot more practical if you use a nifty program or smartphone app to take care of it all in one place.

It happens to everyone. You amass subscription services for music, movies, TV, shopping, and other things that require a monthly fee.

It’s the trial offers that get us every time. You use it once, and then a month later, they begin deducting your bank account. Therefore, using a service that can help you manage this will be ideal.

Smartphone and Tablet Apps

There are many downloadable apps available for iOS or Android devices. The ones below are the most trusted and popular:

  • DoNotPay: An app only for iOS, DoNotPay promotes itself as a robot lawyer. You can cut through government bureaucracy, appeal parking tickets, handle issues with customer service reps, cancel digital subscriptions, and many other options. It can even help you find the money you may not know you have, such as refunded bank fees
  • Truebill: This app is available for both Android and iOS, which gives you everything you need to track, save, and spend money. Truebill looks at several aspects of your finances, including monthly subscriptions. It accesses your bank accounts and then helps lower your bills after scanning through what you’ve already spent
  • Bobby: This isn’t a fancy app, but it helps you keep tabs on outgoing expenditures and subscriptions you have. Bobby doesn’t have money management, but you can set a schedule of your bills to help you manage them better. You can download it for either iOS or Android

Website Programs

You can only access the list of sites below with a PC or through a browser on a mobile device.

  • Trim: Inherent in the name, this website helps trim expenses by identifying your spending more than you need to or unnecessarily. It can evaluate car insurance that’s far too high, as well as unused subscriptions. It can cancel these subscriptions on your behalf too
  • TrackMySubs: This service offers up to 10 subscriptions free. You manually add all your subscriptions into your account along with the billing date, the amount, and the name of the subscription. The program then provides an overview and allows you to organize expenditures into categories along with email alerts for bill payment notifications

Universal Service Between the App and Website

So far, only one service allows you to flow between the website and an app seamlessly. Clarity Money is one of the most comprehensive. It incorporates AI to monitor your finances in real-time and show you how to save more money.

It helps locate high-yield savings accounts, cancels recurring payments for services you don’t use, notifies you of other fees, and allows you to renew services.

You can use Clarity Money on your computer or download the app. It helps you devise a wiser budget, assists in simplifying cost-cutting plans, and keeps you on track with putting those plans in action. You can even monitor changes to your credit score.

The Good and Bad About These Apps and Programs

Before diving into each of these subscription-reducing services, it’s essential to consider some aspects.

As with anything, there’s a lot of good to use such a service, but there are some negative things. So, it would help if you weighed these before you decided to use them.

The Good

  • If money burns a hole in your pocket before it even gets there, then using a service like this is ideal. They can help you stay on track and not spend more than you can afford
  • If you’re the kind who signs up for every subscription because of the free trial period, then having a service that helps remove and monitor these will be best
  • If you’re a person with lots of responsibilities and have many things you must pay for, then using a money-tracking app will help you stay in the know about what’s going on in your bank account

The Bad

These programs and apps operate by accessing sensitive financial data via your bank account. This leaves you vulnerable to ID theft and having your data sold to the highest bidder on the black market.

While there’s no reason to believe any of these services are untrustworthy, it’s essential to read the privacy policies of each one you’re looking at on the subscription apps. They will indicate if they sell your information to third parties or allow them to look at your data.

Ensure you understand the privacy policies and other terms of service so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Also, there is a fee associated with many of these services. If you already have difficulty managing your account, spending more may be counterintuitive to your purposes.


Using a money-saving/tracking service is a great way to monitor and rid yourself of unwanted subscription services. They put your expenses all in one place and help prevent lots of money from trickling out of your bank account. However, you must ensure the privacy policies are something you find desirable before signing up.

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