You’re here because you want to find out how to look stylish without dropping hundreds of dollars.

Lucky for you, we have some great tips to level up your fashion game on a budget.

We’ll talk about the obvious ways to look more stylish and some more unconventional ways that you may not have heard of until now.

After you’re done reading you’ll know exactly where to look, what to look for, and the best ways to look better on a budget (it has nothing to do with clothes).

Let’s dive in!

1.) Hit Up Thrift and Vintage Shops

Thrift shops are a goldmine for finding great items of clothing for pretty cheap. However, you have to be the type of person who has a lot of patience and who enjoys hunting for that perfect item.

At thrift shops, you’ll notice that the quality of the clothes varies a lot but they have a lot to choose from…Like a lot to choose from. From festival clothing to your everyday pair of denim jeans, it is all hiding there on the rack!

So if you’re someone who doesn’t mind the odd rip, button missing, or if you’re a wizard with a sewing kit, then thrift shops are great places to browse.

Vintage clothing shops are another place to find great deals. It’s more of a thrift shop…but someone has already done the hard work of finding the gems for you.

They offer clothes that are one-of-a-kind and are never really out of fashion.

2.) Check Out Resale Sites

Here are some tips for shopping at online resale sites:

  • Use search terms like NWT (new with tag).
  • Search for EUC (excellent used condition).
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for more photos.

Resale sites include eBay, Poshmark, ThredUp, and Swap offer stylish pieces at heavily discounted prices.

If you’re more risk-averse, then consider purchasing accessories over clothing items as there’s a better chance they will fit.

Warning: always look at the return policy before you click the buy button.

3.) Take a Look at Social Media

Social media isn’t just for scrolling your newsfeed in bed with one open.

Have you ever looked at Facebook Marketplace?

They sell everything, from new kicks to denim jackets, you name it. Search for your local marketplace and get scrolling. You’d be surprised at what you find.

The only downside to Facebook Marketplace is that if you’re purchasing off an individual, you’ll have to organize a mutual meeting place to make the sale happen. Oh, and don’t forget to barter!

4.) Explore the Discount Shops

Don’t want to pay full price for designer clothes?

Consider shopping at discount stores like TJ Maxx. They are ideal if you love designer clothes but at slashed prices.

But beware, it can take quite some time to find that item you’re looking for, so block off a couple of hours on your calendar.

If you really want to find the best deals, you’ll notice that items discounted to its lowest price will have yellow tags. Items that have only been reduced in price once have red tags.

But, if you want to get ahead of the curve, you can ask the staff what days of the week they get their new inventory delivered or when they are clearing out old stock.

5.) Tap Your Friends and Family

We all know you’re the most stylish because you’re reading this article, but do you have stylish friends or family?

Are they the same size as you? Great!

See if they have any clothing items they don’t want anymore and take them off their hands — or see if they want to swap!

This is a great way to add new items to your wardrobe and doesn’t cost you a thing. You’ll have a cleared-out closet, new shirts, and new outfits to play around with.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

6.) Don’t Forget About the Department Stores

You can take advantage of massive discounts and coupon codes in department stores like Macy’s— get more ideas here from the Well Dressed Life.

You can even earn rewards club points at stores like Nordstrom every time you make a purchase. You can even get free personal styling.

7.) When You See Something You Like, Get It

It’s important to pick up items you love when you see them and not just when the price gets slashed by 50%.

You should always try to consistently add pieces to your closet so you can mix and match. Try to go for colors that complement each other.

For example, you can also shop for things out of season. A great way to save on fashion is to buy winter jackets during the summer months and summer clothes in the winter.

More Secrets to Look Better for Cheap

Now that we’ve got the conventional ways to enjoy fashion on a budget, here are the not so obvious ways to look 10X better without breaking the bank:

Fit Is King

Focus on fit because it’s a great way to instantly look more stylish. You have two options here. The first is to look at the item itself and try it on.

Does it fit well or is it shapeless and baggy? Slim or more tailored fits will be the way to look neater and put together. 

Make Room for New Outfits by Decluttering

Another easy way to level up your fashion is to take stock of what you already have in your closet and completely go to town on it. You have to be completely honest with yourself. Don’t get emotional otherwise, you’ll hold on to items that you don’t even wear.

Remove anything that you haven’t worn in 3 months and make room for new and fresh clothes. You’ll also feel amazing just by having fewer clothes taking up space.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go a Little Big, It Can Be Tailored

This goes against my first point. However, if you see something that you just have to get, and it’s slightly too big, don’t be discouraged. There are a lot of great videos on the internet about this, here are just a few:

Pick it up and know that you can always get the jeans taken up or a shirt tailored to your size for just a few dollars.

Quality Saves You Money in the Long Run

How many years before that cheap shirt loses its shape?

Even though you might spend a bit more for better quality items upfront, it can save you time and money in the long run.

You’ll get a lot more wear out of a quality shirt or pair of jeans than a cheaper version. Plus, you’ll have to keep buying cheaper items over and over which isn’t worth it.

Don’t be afraid to splash out for higher quality knowing you will get much more wear out of it.

Rule of Three

Ideas that come in threes are more attention-grabbing.

So focus on three items to have a complete look. For example, that could be jeans, a top and a jacket.

There’s no need to complicate it!

Follow Fashion Designers and Stay Up-to-Date

Stay up to date with current fashion trends by following experts and fashion designers.

For example, I follow Cassandra Sethi from Next Level Wardrobe for new looks. It can be anyone you admire.

Find them on social media or sign up for their newsletters.

Don’t Be a Victim to Marketing

Just because something has a big red tag that says “discount” on it, doesn’t mean you should buy it.

If you’re not feeling it, then don’t be afraid to say no.

Keep a Wishlist

Finally, another great way to enjoy fashion on a budget is to create a list.

Instead of blindly shopping for anything, make a note of which items you’re lacking and that you would love to add to your closet.

This will help you get clear on what you need and save you money by not going on a mad shopping spree!

Image by Svitlana Sokolova via Shutterstock