If You Only Had Three Days

Over the weekend I watched a movie called Three Days. Briefly, the movie was about a couple who had a fight on Christmas Eve, and then the wife was killed in an accident. An angel visited the husband and gave him three more days with his wife. He had three days to convince her that he loved her. And he knew she would die in three days.

What if you knew a loved one would die in three days? I know that’s a depressing thought. My husband and I were there last year, though. No, we didn’t know exactly when my father-in-law would pass away. But we knew his time was short. And I have to tell you, during that time, money didn’t matter. Things didn’t matter. Time mattered. A lot.

My goal this holiday season is to focus on the people I love, not stuff. If I knew I only had three days left with a loved one, the number of presents under the tree wouldn’t matter. The amount of money I spent on the presents wouldn’t matter. Whether our house is perfectly decked out for the holidays wouldn’t matter.

What matters is the time spent together. I’m going to make cookies and candy, and my kids are going to help. Instead of rushing through the job, we’re going to enjoy baking together. And if my cookies don’t look perfect, so be it. My kids and I will have a good memory that will last much longer than the cookies.

Twenty years down the line my kids probably won’t remember what they received this particular Christmas. What they will remember is whether our family was happy or whether we bickered a lot. Whether our holidays were happy, or whether we rushed through them.

This holiday season I encourage you all to think about what’s important. If you only had three days left, what would you want your family to remember?

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By , on Nov 28, 2007
Lynnae McCoy I'm Lynnae, wife of one and stay-at-home mom of two. I'm committed to getting out of debt by being frugal with my choices in life.


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  1. Amphritrite:

    Interestingly enough, after reading this, I did a rundown of what I would do with three days left on my site, and I found out some pretty interesting things about myself.

    So thanks for posting ;) In fairness, I linked back to you so people could come read!

  2. It’s so true–if I had three days left, I’d focus on loving everyone in my life as much as possible. And whenever I’m reminded I realize that I might not even have three minutes left, so I might as well start now!

  3. going through it now! quite true, unfortunately it feels so unreal that I am mostly angry at the world and everyone… just going through the motions and the holidays of thanksgiving and such, well doesn’t quite feel the same
    I am very grateful person, but now I feel like only two words are in my brain: making memories…

    to learn about my design rituals see:

  4. Ann:

    I’ve been through a “three days” experience more times than I would like to remember. And you are right…money doesn’t matter, stuff doesn’t matter…but t.i.m.e. is the currency of the moment.

    What you’ve just posted about Lynnae touches on the concepts of the Advent Conspiracy, especially relational giving. Christmas was meant to transform the world! God loves to use those who love Him to influence others for His glory.

    I posted some thoughts to this regard a few days ago…

  5. MichelleH:

    What a great post – very thought provoking. Our kids are grown now but I can look back and remember the happiest times were centered around each other – not what we had or what we gave each other for Christmas. I can also remember times, I rushed my kids out of the kitchen because “Mom was busy”… wish I hadn’t done that as much.

  6. Way to go! Don’t lose your vision ! I’m proud of you!
    God Bless your family,

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