Let’s face it, life can be pretty rough. Living a life that is simple and carefree is becoming increasingly difficult, as we barely have enough time to come home, relax, and enjoy the many rewards life has to offer us. Somebody said to me on a plane once that our homes are becoming nothing more than “glorified rest stops”, and I am tempted to agree. We usually are only home for mere moments before we have to go out and do something else it seems (something that usually involves spending lots of money!).

Even though this is the average American’s life, you do NOT have to accept it. Think about it; when we live our lives in the fast lane, we tend to become unhappy with practically everything around us. If you learn to take a breather every once in a while and analyze your situation, you can put things into perspective and put what should be most important to you (your health, family, and finances) first before any of the other things that get in the way.

When life gets a little too busy you’ll soon realize that your home life will suffer, and things just won’t be as smooth and happy as they should be. Simple household tasks are not being attended to, you aren’t eating properly, you’re not spending quality time with your spouse and kids – and you’ll be spending too much money as a result of not having enough time to do anything. Eventually, you will end up feeling down on yourself because your home life is not in order, you’re overstressed, and your finances aren’t in check.

The best solution is to practice living a simpler, happier life in which you prioritize what’s important and determine what is “enough” for you to sustain your happiness. It is not about depriving yourself or living well below your means; rather, it is doing whatever necessary to get a good night’s sleep, free of stress and worry.

Consider the following benefits of living “The Simple Life”:

  1. It will greatly reduce your stress levels.
  2. You will gain more confidence and have more self-reliance; you will be less likely to find an “easy way out” of situations.
  3. You will be able to spend more time with your family, especially your children. You can set a good example for them, and teach them to become financially secure when they get older.
  4. Most importantly, you will learn to keep a balanced budget and reduce your debt. You won’t spend as much money on things you don’t need; rather, you will spend your money wisely and avoid getting into debt.

With that said, when you step back and examine your life, life really gets so much easier, especially regarding your finances. When you have a detailed plan for financial freedom, you won’t have to worry about how your bills get paid each month because you’ll be spending less money on things you DON’T need. Debt has a way of taking control of peoples’ lives – if you control your spending, you won’t have to worry about this.

In short, nothing beats the peace of mind and security that living the simple life brings. It is time to take back your life – reduce your stress, spend more time with your family, and manage your money better.

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