Veggies from my square-foot garden.

It started on a whim last March. Liz and Jim were out of town, and after reading a post at Frugal Dad, I decided to build my first square foot garden. Sam and I worked on our garden box all day on a Saturday. We assembled the box, filled it with organic soil, and waited for the weather to get warm enough to plant.

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally in the middle of May, the weather warmed up. I took the kids outside, and we planted lettuce, scallions, basil, carrots, zucchini, green beans, broccoli, and winter squash. In separate pots, I planted four different varieties of tomatoes and a cantaloupe plant.

Then we watered. And waited. And watered. And waited.

We were excited when we saw the first green shoots coming up out of the ground. Before long, we were using our lettuce for salads. A scallion or two grew big enough to harvest as well. But for the most part we waited.

Until yesterday. I went outside, because I had noticed some green beans that looked ready to pick. Some is an understatement. I kept finding more and more beans. In two one foot squares of my garden, I picked enough beans to fill a large bowl. There are at least three meals worth of beans for my family.

But I didn’t stop with the beans. Half of my scallions were ready, as were half of my carrots. And I picked the rest of my lettuce, as it’s getting too hot for lettuce to be outside.

I have a lot of tomatoes, but unfortunately the bugs keep getting to the good tomatoes before I do. I’m going to have to research organic bug killers or something. It makes me sick that the bugs are eating MY tomatoes!

If we weren’t moving, I’d plant something new in the empty squares that I harvested. But since we’re moving, I’m just hoping to harvest most of our veggies before we leave. I think everything will be ready except the winter squash. I’m going to try to take my garden box and dirt with me when we go, so I don’t have to buy new building supplies and soil for our new place.

Tonight I’m planning on eating some fresh green beans and a garden salad with dinner. Now I just need to think of a main course to go with it!