If you are a frugal shopper, these stores are must-visits for the absolute best deals year-round on everything from home goods and electronics to designer bags and the trendiest new clothes!

Stores on our list like Old Navy and 6pm.com have the greatest deals, discounts, and rewards that will have you buying double the goods for half the price! These stores know how to treat their customers and not just with their affordable prices either!

You will get excellent customer perks and customer service every time you shop. Whether you are an online shopper or prefer a nice in-person browse, we have stores that every frugal shopper MUST check out—and quick!

Our Favorite Clothing Stores for Frugal Deals

This list puts together all our favorite clothing stores so you can find the best deals for the trendiest new looks!

  • 6PM.com
  • Old Navy
  • Boohoo
  • TJ Maxx
  • Zulily


Pros: designer clothes, user-friendly site

Cons: bad return policy

6pm.com is your place to get discounted designer clothes and shoes like Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, and much more for up to 80% off retail prices. You can even find bags from top designers like Kate Spade and Michael Kors for less than $50!

6PM.com gives you an entire breakdown of your item with tons of pictures, reviews, and even the MSRP so you can get a transparent overview of your savings which is something every frugal shopper can personally appreciate!

There are very few places that you can find brand names cheaper than this website and deals are constantly rotating, with a clearance section that marks down your already outrageously low prices even lower!

One downfall about 6PM is their disappointing return policy, which does not allow you to exchange your goods if they do not fit! Instead, you can only get a refund.

Old Navy

Pros: constant sales, gender-neutral department, family-friendly

Cons: generic style

Old Navy is one of the longest-standing brands in America and continues to thrive with their amazing holiday deals and constant discounts on the items you need—not items from last season!!

That means you can buy swimsuits for summer 50% off during summer and winter coats for half-off when it is still cold outside!

You can always expect to find BOGO sales and seasonal deals at Old Navy so it is worth stopping by around the holidays.

“50% off storewide” is not an unusual slogan at Old Navy. Plus, they have endless coupons that can be applied at check out!

Of course, if visiting a store in-person has you feeling iffy, Old Navy has a wonderful website (and app) that offers exclusive online-only deals. These deals can make shopping online worth trying occasionally!


Pros: Klarna, Premier, plus-size clothes (up to 5X!)

Cons: long shipping

Boohoo has us crying alright, crying tears of joy! This trendy shop is making waves in the fashion world with its trendy and affordable threads, and we cannot recommend them enough to thrifty shoppers!

Boohoo is known for their outrageous sales like 70% off storewide and they also deliver to 25 countries including the US and Canada—more from Frugal Rules here.

If you like your Boohoo goods, consider signing up for their Premier Membership Service.

  • Students can get 100% FREE, unlimited next-day delivery, and free returns!
  • Non-students get the same benefits for only $10 a month which is an absolute steal, especially if you are living outside of the United Kingdom!

Boohoo also offers a 0% interest Klarna plan. This will enable you to divide your order total into 3 equal payments and say goodbye to stress and hello to style!

TJ Maxx

Pros: designer clothing, a wide selection

Cons: high shipping costs

Say goodbye to window shopping and embrace the finer things that you deserve by shopping at TJ Maxx! Their endless selection of fine, affordable designer clothes will have you feeling like a true fashionista in no time.

With so many options, shopping in person at TJ Maxx can sometimes be an overwhelming adventure, which is why I suggest going in with a game plan!

When you see a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses for 50% off it becomes easy to forget that you only went in looking for a comforter!

If you choose to explore TJ Maxx online, shipping expenses can get really pricy! That is why I recommend only shopping at TJ Maxx in-person. Plus, they typically have additional red tag sales in the store. In some cases, you can score an additional 15% by dropping in and perusing the aisles.


Pros: shipping, app, return policy, price matching

Cons: some items are low-quality

Zulily is one of the best places to shop for affordable clothing and they even offer better deals the more you buy! So, for the frugal shopper looking to transform their wardrobe, this is a great place to go!

If you notice a better price somewhere else, Zulily is also willing to match prices! We love how trendy their clothes are and LOVE their deals. You can buy a $100 Ann Taylor shirt for $20!

Unfortunately, you must be careful what you buy on Zulily. Not everything is Ann Taylor and Kate Spade. Some things are cheap recreations of trendy, seasonal must-haves. Make sure you read reviews and check item descriptions before you buy!

Our Favorite Stores for General Deals

Whether you are looking for outdoor patio furniture or a new yoga mat, these stores have everything you can need at the best prices around. Check out our mini-list of our favorite stores for general frugal shopping.

  • Target
  • Ben’s Bargains
  • Amazon


Pros: great deals, exclusive savings card

Cons: generic, items unavailable at some stores, high shipping costs

Target is a key member of our favorite stores for frugal shoppers because of their outrageous deals!  If you do not believe us, just look at their dollar section and see everything you can buy for less than $5.

The exclusive Target Red Card is a great way to earn perks just for shopping at Target. It works like a credit card while also granting you rewards in the process like 5% savings on every $35 spent!

Ben’s Bargains

Pros: constantly updating, alerts

Cons: limited items

This amazing website has deals of all kinds and they are constantly updating too so if you do not see something you like now, you can check back later!

Ben’s Bargains sells remotely everything for up to 90% off its retail price! Unfortunately, items are sold by the number which means they go quickly. However, the company’s notifications can help you snag that item before it is gone.


Pros: variety, Prime membership exclusives

Cons: quality varies, shipping costs (without Prime)

For the frugal shopper, Amazon is a MUST visit website. They have everything you need at the lowest possible cost.

With an Amazon Prime membership, you will get endless discounts, exclusive subscription services, and even get free, same-day delivery and all for less than $10 a month!

Amazon is part of our favorite stores for frugal deals because they have an endless variety of products (and we mean endless). They also offer a range of prices!

Amazon also has a great return policy to ensure your satisfaction, which is why we are so head over heels for this store!

Our Favorite Electronics Stores for Frugal Deals

Before buying your next smartphone you might want to check out the following sites which can get you more than 50% off your next piece of tech!

Whether that means using a coupon code or just purchasing your item straight from the site, these are the best websites to help frugal shoppers like you find the best technology deals.

  • Gazelle
  • TechBargains


Pros: user-friendly website, 30-day return policy

Cons: outdated phones

This is the number one website for buying and selling smartphones! Gazelle also offers resale on many other electronics like tablets, laptops, and even smartwatches.

Gazelle offers great payment plans with 0% APR.

The prices on Gazelle are great which is one of the main reasons this website is among our favorite stores for frugal deals. You can buy 64GB iPhones for less than $200 and iPads for less than $100!

Just for subscribing to their email newsletter, you will automatically receive $20 off your first order. Gazelle offers a 30-day return policy. This gives you time to try your phone before you are forced to send it back!


Pros: variety, constant updating

Cons: just coupons

TechBargains is by far the best place to go for your technology needs which is why it is on the list of our favorite stores for frugal shoppers.

They offer a wide variety of deals on all your technology must-haves including deals from Lenovo, Dell, and even New Egg. If you are looking for it, they probably have a deal ready for you.

Go to the TechBargains website before checking out and search for your item or just scroll through TechBargain and look through their daily deals.

They have endless codes which are constantly being updated so you can save big money at checkout like 35% off all Dell computers or a code for 25% off Ryzen desktop processors!

TechBargains makes finding deals easy and they also show the validity of these deals by adding the number of times that code has been used. That way, you can tell whether the code is legit and worth your time!

Online vs. In-Person

Shopping online versus shopping in person all comes down to your preference. The stores we included in our favorite stores for frugal deals do not focus on which type of shopping is more important, we focus on deals, discounts, and the amazing perks you can get by going there.

If you love to stay at home, go ahead and order to your heart’s content but if you are a “touch” shopper, run along and get to browsing! There is no right way to shop. Well, except the money-saving way!

Image by maxbelchenko via Shutterstock.com