How to Feed Your Family on a Tight Budget

When financial times are tight, the grocery budget is the easiest part of the budget to cut. Over the last 15 years our grocery budget has ranged from less than $100 a month (when we had […]

My Husband Lost His Job: How to Survive a Job Loss

It is stressful when your husband loses his job. No, not my husband. Not since last October, anyway. Unfortunately “my husband lost his job” is one of the frequent search terms people use to find […]

De-cluttering with Children

One of my goals in being a more frugal person is to cut down the stuff in my house to only the things we use and love. I started with the master bedroom, and managed to […]

3 Recipes for Homemade Household Cleaners

Baking Soda is a versatile product that is used in many homemade cleaners. My homemade cleaning products posts have been going over really well, so I thought I’d keep going with it, Especially since my readers […]

There’s No Shame in Renting

Sometimes renting makes more sense than buying. There’s been a lot of debate in the blogosphere lately about renting vs. buying a home.  Millionaire Mommy Next Door touts renting as one of the ways she has […]

My Funniest Frugal Fix

I fixed my garbage disposal, and I never even crawled under the sink! It was a lovely spring day a couple of years ago.  I had caught the spring cleaning bug, and I was madly re-organizing my […]

Tightwad Tuesday: Easter Tradition

Easter is my favorite holiday. Easter is quickly approaching, and I’m a big fan of celebrating holidays in meaningful ways.  But I’m not a fan of spending beyond my budget. I first came across this cookie […]

The Dumbest Purchase We Ever Made

I’ve been trying to decide what my dumbest purchase was. The reason I was having a hard time coming up with one, is (1) I’ve made more than one really dumb purchase, and (2) a lot […]

Being Frugal is Being Different

Being Frugal is Being Different

Being different makes the world a colorful place. As an American living in France, people know that I am different as soon as I open my mouth. It might be because of my accent, or the […]

Recycling Saves Money and the Environment

Being frugal means being a good steward of your resources. What better way to be a good steward than to make sure your stuff doesn’t end up in the county landfill when you’re through with it? […]

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