5 Free Frugality Forums

5 Free Frugality Forums

Reading frugality blogs is great for developing overall strategies in living a frugal lifestyle. And I highly encourage you to keep reading. There are times, however, when you’re searching for a deal on a particular item, […]

5 Ways to Keep the Gimmes Away This Christmas

My children have always liked Veggie Tales. We began watching them in 1999, when my daughter was just one year old, and they have been a staple in our family ever since. Around Christmas time, my […]

If You Only Had Three Days

Over the weekend I watched a movie called Three Days. Briefly, the movie was about a couple who had a fight on Christmas Eve, and then the wife was killed in an accident. An angel visited […]

Is Using Cash Better Than Debit Card?

I received an email from a reader the other day, asking about cash vs. debit cards, and he gave me permission to share with you all. The question was: If one were to stick to paying […]

Is Frugal Living the New Trend? And How Our Paper Missed the Mark

My husband was taking a break at work last night when he picked up a magazine at the facility he was cleaning. It was a copy of our local newspaper’s newest publication: Distinctly Northwest – Sophisticated […]

My Experience Buying a Used Car with Cash

In January, my husband and I knew we needed to get a new car. Jim had driven his 1990 Toyota Celica into the ground. With 212,000 miles on it, the Celica had served us well, but […]

Is Re-Gifting Right or Wrong?

A friend, who also happens to read this blog, recently asked me to do a post on re-gifting. The holidays are quickly approaching, after all, and she wanted to know when re-gifting is OK and when […]

50 Frugal Christmas Ideas

Christmas is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start planning. I’ve found that if I take the time to PLAN a frugal holiday season, I get less caught up in the urge to spend once December […]

A Full Month Worth of Frugal Menu Planning

As I posted last week, I’m taking a different strategy to reducing my grocery bill this month. I made out a menu plan for the entire month, and I will be doing the bulk of my […]

8 Tips for Frugal Birthday Party Planning

I recently planned a birthday party for my son, Sam. I’ve never been one to get into the trend of expensive, elaborate parties for children. I tend to agree with Dr. Kevin Leman, author of Home […]

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