When we moved from a duplex with carpet to our house with all laminate floors, I thought I’d never have to vacuum again. Surely a quick sweep of the floors with a dust mop would be enough. It was…until we adopted Chloe.

Now don’t get me wrong. We love Chloe, the dog. But do you see that hair?

She sheds like crazy! Every morning I sweep the floors, and every morning it looks like someone lost an entire head of hair! It’s that bad!

With that in mind, I jumped at the chance to review the Eureka AirSpeed vacuum cleaner.

About the Eureka AirSpeed

The Eureka AirSpeed is a bagless 12 amp vacuum with a HEPA filter. The first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the box is how much lighter it was than my old vacuum. I also noticed that the dust cup was a good size, important when you’re vacuuming up lots of dog hair!

Included on board attachments include a 3 position wand, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and a turbo nozzle. A bare floor nozzle and wand and a stair hose are not included, but are available for purchase separately.

Also included is a filter brush, so you can clean off the filter, increasing the length of time you can use the filter before replacing.

The vacuum includes four height settings: high carpet, medium carpet, low carpet, and bare floor.

Eureka AirSpeed Gold Bagless Upright, AS1001A

The recommended maintenance schedule is to empty the dust cup after each use, clean or replace the filter regularly, and replace the exhaust filter every six months (or more if needed).

The key difference between the AirSpeed and other vacuums is the fact that there is no lengthy hose for debris to travel, which increases the vacuum’s suction power. The hose is only used in attachment mode.

Randall Sandlin, Eureka’s general manager of consumer experience and innovation says,

Most upright vacuums propel air through a nozzle and hose system that is long and full of twists and texturing. AirSpeed cleans carpets better than many other uprights because we have removed the hose from the equation and replaced it with wider, shorter tubes, allowing more airflow to go through the vacuum, which results in a powerful, deep clean.

I must say, the way the hose is set up on the airspeed, allowing for quickly switching between vacuum and attachment mode, is certainly consumer friendly.

My Experience with the Eureka Air Speed

I really liked the AirSpeed’s ease of use! After I began vacuuming, the first thing I noticed was that the vacuum cleaned the edges of the floor really well. Instead of needing the crevice tool, I just ran the vacuum up against the wall and the dog hair along the wall was sucked right up!

I loved the bare floor setting, as the brush roll doesn’t hit my floor and damage the laminate.

And my favorite feature of the AirSpeed is the fact that switching from vacuum mode to attachment mode is so easy. You just flip a dial and pick up the attachment hose. I found that it was really easy to be vacuuming along and switch to the hose attachment to quickly reach under a bookcase, then switch back to vacuum the rest of the floor.

When finished vacuuming, the dust cup is easy to remove and empty.

The Low Down on the Eureka Airspeed


  • Lightweight
  • Vacuums edges well
  • Easy to switch to attachment mode
  • Large dust cup
  • Filter brush to help extend filter life


  • The on/off switch seems a little flimsy, and I worry it will break eventually, especially if the kids vacuum.

My Overall Thoughts

I really liked this vacuum. Despite my concern about the on/off switch, I will be ditching my older Kenmore in favor of the new Eureka. What sold me on the Eureka was the edge cleaning and the ease of attachment use.

The Eureka AirSpeed is available for $119.96 at Walmart.com or in Walmart stores. To find out more about the Eureka AirSpeed, visit Eureka.com.

You tell me: What is most important to you, when considering a new vacuum?

*Disclaimer: Eureka provided me with a vacuum in exchange for my honest review.