At the end of every season comes the start of new savings. As a result, items get sold cheaper, making it possible to get the best bargains on things you’ve been eyeing. So, what should you be buying this fall?

The best items to buy cheaply in the fall are outdoor equipment, office supplies, home appliances, cookware, and a new car. 

Did you know that camping and cookware equipment are cheaper in the fall? If you’re looking for the best bargains or trying to get a jump on your holiday shopping, look no further. You will be saving money and be well supplied for next year.

1. Camping Gear

When the cold weather arrives, fewer people venture out to go camping. As a result, tents, sleeping bags, and other camping necessities get marked down when a store has an excess of summer stock.

Late fall is the perfect time to shop for replacement camping equipment if yours is starting to look worse for wear.

2. Cookware

Autumn means the holiday season is closer. Are you tired of making Aunt Mary’s famous sweet potato casserole in the same old and worn-out pots and pans every holiday? Cookware tends to go on sale in late autumn when most customers are preparing to whip up big home-cooked meals.

3. Office Supplies

Back-to-school deals abound on all school supplies in the fall, but these fantastic deals aren’t just for students!

You can stock up on binders, notebooks, and all your favorite pens for a fraction of the cost. In addition, you can often score great deals on electronics, such as a new laptop or tablet, in the back-to-college sales.

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4. Grills

When you think about grilling, you probably think about summertime. So why is autumn the best time to purchase a new grill? After the summer season, grills are less in demand, causing the price to drop. So if your grill is starting to wear down, consider upgrading while the costs are lower this fall season!

5. Booking trips

Have a big Christmas trip planned, or perhaps a spring break idea is brewing? Booking your trips in advance during the fall ensures you get the best price possible. Remember, flights get more expensive the longer you wait!

On top of getting access to great early bird specials, you’ll also rest easier knowing that you’ve booked all of your accommodations for your big trip. After all, vacations should be relaxing.

6. Summer Wardrobe

As soon as summer turns the corner into fall, summer clothes go on sale. So if you need to update your summer wardrobe, take advantage of stores’ great sales and clearance racks. Grab some discounted shorts, tees, tank tops, and flip-flops. Or score a cute floppy hat and a sundress for a future vacation!

7. Sports equipment

Want a new bicycle but don’t want to pay full price? Sporting goods stores know they won’t sell much summer merchandise after the season, so they markdown merchandise like bicycles or other summer sports equipment.

If you want to find even better deals on sports equipment, and don’t mind buying used, check out thrift stores or garage sales in the fall. After summer ends, people tend to realize they’ll never use the purchased equipment and want to get rid of it. It’s a win-win!

8. New Cars

The best time to buy a new car is in the fall. This is because dealerships unveil new models in the fall and thus want to get rid of most of their old models before the new stock arrives. The drive to clear out their lots gives you an incredible bargaining chip when negotiating the lower price tag of your new ride.

9. Household appliances

Like cars, many new household appliance models come out in the fall. Retailers are eager to sell off older models to make room for the new. If you’re shopping for a new washer and dryer, or a new refrigerator, be sure to keep an eye out for autumn markdowns!

10. Lawnmowers

Colder weather means less lawn maintenance. Retailers offer lawn mowers for a fraction of the cost during the fall. Home repair stores want to make way for winter products by clearing their summer tools, so if you need a new lawnmower for next summer, autumn is the time for you!

11. Patio Furniture

Are you looking to revamp an outdoor space with new patio decor and furniture? Lucky for you, your new outdoor set could be half off!

While summer is the time to soak up the sun, autumn invites people to dwell in the comfort of their homes, making retailers slash the prices of new outdoor patio sets.

Not A Paper House has more furniture saving tips on their blog.

12. Fruit

Produce in season is always cheaper and fresher than off-season produce. If you want to save extra money on your grocery bill this autumn, stock up on in-season fruit like apples, cranberries, oranges, and pears.

It’s also a great time to make jams with these abundant fruits or freeze them for a later time.

13. Plants

If you’re a garden enthusiast, you’re in luck! As nurseries start to get ready for the winter, chances are they still have some of their summer stock left over. In addition, you’ll find that the stores still have an assortment of flowers, herbs, greenery, and vegetables that they are eager to sell at a low cost.

You’ll want to pick out hardy plants or make sure you have the perfect place to keep them if you want them to survive till springtime.

14. Halloween costumes

While the cheapest way to do Halloween is with DIY costumes, you can stock up on costume supplies like fairy wings, masks, and more in late autumn after Halloween is over. You can also find great deals on full costumes at retailers or used ones at your local thrift store.

Late autumn is also an excellent time to stock up on candy for any sweet tooth! Halloween candy goes on sale on November 1st and continues to get marked down until stock is gone, so keep an eye out for the best price!

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