I don’t know about you, but with prices of groceries and gas skyrocketing, I’m looking to save money any way I can. One of the less obvious ways of saving money is to pay attention to the color of your sheets and towels. I always buy white. Always.

Now, I know only buying white sheets and towels may seem boring, but it doesn’t have to be. And the money (and time) savings of only dealing with white linens is worth it to me. Why buy white?

white towels

White Always Matches White

While there are different shades of other colors…sage green, kelly green, forest green, etc…white is white. If one of your towels gets worn and you need to replace it, you can go to any store and buy a white towel, and it will match what you have.

Not so with other colors. When you need to replace just one towel in another color, you have to replace them all, if you like matching towels hanging in your bathroom. If the store where you bought the first set no longer carries the colors, it will be hard to find a match.

The same goes with sheets. If I buy a white sheet set, and the bottom sheet wears out before the top sheet, I can just replace the fitted sheet, as opposed to buying a new set.

White Coordinates with Other Colors

Lest you think my home is sterile and boring, let me reassure you that it’s not. I use a lot of reds and greens throughout my home in the form of throw pillows, blankets, comforters, and wall hangings. And white coordinates with almost any color!

A well placed piece of colorful art, a rich colored lampshade, or a jewel toned rug can brighten up a room with white linens. Painted walls and cabinets can also make a room pop, despite white towels. White does not have to be boring!

White can be Bleached

I’m not a huge fan of bleach, but I do use it once in a while on my towels and sheets. If my linens start to fade or get dingy looking, running them through the wash with a cup of bleach can brighten them enough to look almost brand new.

While other colors of towels and sheets can fade and look old before they are worn enough to replace, you can eek extra months or even years out of white sheets and towels, just by using a little bleach. I usually double rinse after bleaching my linens, as I hate the smell of bleach, and I don’t want it next to my skin. With the double rinse, I find I don’t notice the effects of the bleach on my laundry.

While sticking with white as the color of your sheets and towels may seem like a trivial thing, it really does simplify life and save a little money. I never have to sort my sheets and towels, any sheet can be used on any of the kids’ beds (they’re all the same size), and I replace towels when they are worn, rather than when they start to look faded.

Have you made the switch to white? Have you found that it simplifies life and saves a little money?

Photo by Wikimedia Commons.