My mission on this blog, and one of my passions in life is to encourage people to live within their means and kiss debt goodbye. A few weeks ago a like-minded blogger, Jason of Live to Budget, invited me to participate in an ebook about living within your means. The ebook, Spend Less Than You Earn, is completed, and it’s full of practical tips to help you cut your budget, without sacrificing your lifestyle. Chapters include tips on making a budget, reducing the power bill, looking fabulous while being frugal, and much, much more.

Bloggers who contributed to Spend Less Than You Earn are:

You may download your free copy of Spend Less Than You Earn by clicking the following link (PDF) and saving it to your computer. (Just hit the save icon when the PDF opens.)

All content in this free ebook is copyrighted by the individual authors. However, feel free to publicize and distribute Spend Less Than You Earn, as long as the ebook is free and unaltered.

I hope you enjoy our gift to you! Let’s make 2009 the year we take control of our spending and make huge strides to reducing debt!

A huge thanks to Jason from Live to Budget for putting this project together!