We’ve all been there, researching tips on reaching our saving goals and reading a simple article of “top 50 money-saving tips” or something of the sort. We think to ourselves, how can that seriously save us money? How can I implement all these tips into my life?

The truth is just using one of these tips of a time will likely make zero difference to your saving dreams. The real key is stacking frugal strategies.

With that in mind, we have collated the top 4 ultimate frugal tips that will be a lot more manageable for you to blend into your life than some of the out-the-gate tips floating around the internet.

Be Smart About Food

You see food tips time and time again to help you save money. It is one of our number one expenses! To be truly successful in your money-saving food tactics, you should not approach your food consumption from the aspect of money.

Food is a life source and your fuel and energy. Your attitude towards food should change from within to flow onto monetary savings, not financial savings forcing you into new habits!

Planning and preparing your meals in advance not only save you money on multiple temping grocery runs or easy takeaway dinners, but it is a serious bonus to your mental health and promotes a positive relationship with food.

Taking charge of your food and managing it is a personal thing, so let your mind and body guide how you consume food, not your budget!

For significant savings in the food department, you can utilize these tips:

  • Meal planning.
  • Meal prepping.
  • Buying in bulk.
  • Using coupons.
  • Packing lunch.
  • Packing snacks.

Reduce Your Consumption

The other enormous recurring costs we face are our bills. The cost of just living is crazy with all we have to pay for each month.

Lifestyle changes around your consumption can have a massive influence on your expenses. You’ll be surprised how much you can save by being mindful about how you consume things in the world around you.

Save water by:

  • Wearing clothes more than once.
  • Watering the garden with bathwater.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Take shorter showers.

Save energy by:

  • Turning lights off when not in use.
  • Switch of outlets at the wall when not in use.
  • Have an energy-efficient home.
  • Use energy-efficient appliances.

Save on travel costs by:

  • Walking whenever you can.
  • Take public transport.
  • Carpool to work.
  • Get your car serviced regularly.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! All these tips may be overwhelming, but lifestyle choice doesn’t happen overnight. Slowly incorporate new ways to reduce your consumption and watch your savings build and build.

Sneaky Social Savings

One of the killers to even the most perfectly adjusted budgets is social gatherings. Your budget should not limit or isolate you, so if you find yourself turning down social invitations and opportunities to connect, then you’re doing it wrong!

Saving is supposed to help you improve your life, not make it harder. The key to staying social is to initiate social invitations first! Instead of your coworker inviting you out for a $15 cocktail after work on a Friday, invite them out first for a drink at home. Avoid being asked to a fancy brunch and instead invite your friends together for a picnic in the park.

You should also not be embarrassed about your budgeting goals. Be honest about why you don’t want to go out to the movies to watch something you could at home for half the price. Share with your friends and family your saving goals to avoid the embarrassment of feeling caught out.

Chances are, your resolve and commitment to your goals will inspire the people around you, and they may hop on the saving train too. That way, you have more common ground and an understanding of each other.

Trim the Fat

You don’t need to view your budget as something that takes away from you and makes you miserable. You shouldn’t feel limited and restricted, but in saying that, if you are new to frugal living, there are probably a whole handful of expenses that you don’t need that you haven’t even thought about! In addition, the essential things, you may find for a more competitive price.

Take a close hard look at all your subscriptions – applications, streaming services, loyalty programs, memberships and think about what is used and needed. You may have some double-ups that you can save on or look into cheaper alternatives that offer you the same services.

This tip also applies to life’s necessities like the internet and mobile phones. You can apply this to energy use and childcare as well. Look deeply into each of your providers to see what they offer you and what savings you can make.

The best way to approach this overhaul is to print out the last few months of your bank transactions and scrutinize every purchase, asking if needed. If the answer is yes, do some thorough research into all your options to maximize your savings.

These top four areas of life should focus on instigating your frugal lifestyle to reach your saving goals. Don’t be intimidated, and don’t be discouraged! Frugal living takes time, practice, and knowledge, but if you remember why you want to save, you can continue to find the motivation to improve.

Individual strategies may not make noticeable differences to your bank account; a fundamental change will come to you when you realize the key is to build more and more every day and in every choice.

You should not need to resort to totally depriving yourself of the joy and fun in your life. Find the things that truly matter to you and compromise on everything else. Only you can decide this for yourself. But remember, stack your frugal strategies to create some seriously crazy savings.

Image by Nichole Warman