Are you a frugal individual and looking for some interesting little goodies? If so, there are many subscription boxes that you can totally afford.

What is a subscription box? These boxes are discounted and shipped to your doorstep in a very timely manner. They are a great way to discover new, fun products.

You can try out a variety of things you might not know about, from cosmetics to household items to goodies for your kids. These aren’t your typical, run-of-the-mill shopping samples. You will find brands here that you don’t see every day and all in one convenient delivery!

There are many different types of boxes for every taste, desire, and need. From beauty to art, to even a monthly box full of bacon.

Some of these boxes are more beneficial than originally thought, giving self-esteem boosts or giving people the ability to easily socialize.

Can I Find Something That Is My Taste?

Subscription boxes have grown well beyond just the monthly boxes from Cratejoy.

With so many niche ideas to explore, people are even finding ways to make subscription boxes for the frugal buyer. Frugal people need convenience and the ability to change their minds.

Most retailers have found ways to offer amazing deals for people who are looking to try out new things without paying full price. Boxes are the latest trend to take over the Internet in a big way. From food boxes to jewelry boxes to home goods—there are options for almost any product you’d want to try!

What Are My Options if I’m on a Budget?

If you are thinking about getting a subscription box, you need to take the time to find the right one.

They are not all made the same, and depending on your preferences, there may not be more than one that suits your needs perfectly.

If you are searching for the perfect gift or you are just looking to treat yourself to something new, then there is no better way to find what you want than to look through a few boxes.

Here we have listed our top picks and a description of what each has to offer.

Graze – $12 a Month

Graze is kind of like a dream come true. Did you know that pretty much everything in most snack boxes, whether they are jerky, chocolate, or anything else, is made with over-processed, sometimes fake ingredients? Yuck!

With Graze you’ll have healthy snacking with no trans-fats or artificial ingredients. This is why Graze is considered the super healthy box!

Sleek Treat – $15 a Month

Sleek Treat is a food subscription box that delivers 6-8 carefully selected snacks each month. All snacks are low-carb, sugar-free, and free of gluten. Sleek Treat is also a box that can be hand-delivered, saving you the time and effort to pick and choose snacks from the store each week.

It’s a great choice for busy working parents! Turn your snacking experience into an exciting adventure with Sleek Treat!

Blue Bottle Coffee – Starting at $8 a Month

Blue Bottle Coffee delivers the best coffee you will ever have delivered to your door. Each box is a customized mix of carefully chosen whole bean coffees paired with your favorite Blue Bottle blends. You get a multi-pack, as well as individual coffee boxes.

Blue Bottle Coffee helps you discover the unique flavors and sensations that reveal themselves in each cup of coffee. Boxes are offered monthly or weekly from as few as 2 cups per month to as many as 40 cups.

Raw Spice Bar – Starting at $8 a Month

Raw Spice Bar is a monthly subscription box for spice lovers! Each month, you’ll receive two freshly made spices created with unique and new ingredients.

And best of all, each month, your spices will be from a new region! Raw Spice Bar was created by the minds behind Raw Spice Bar in New York City.

The goal was to create the perfect spice combination that would awaken the palate and arouse the senses. Not only did they accomplish this, but their product became so popular that customers began begging them for spices they could use at home.

STICKII – $10 a Month

STICKII Club is an assortment of stickers, stationery, and other fun surprises that show up at your door each month.

You select your design choices for each month’s pack and they arrive with everything you need to start expressing yourself in style.

With 26 different designs in nearly every category, there is something for everyone, and the best part…they’re all easy to use! Use them on your laptop, phone, water bottle, planner, or anywhere you want to show off an extra bit of yourself.

Birch Box – $15 a Month

Do you love the thrill of discovering new beauty products?

Birch Box is the original beauty box that started it all. The Birchbox team experiments and invests in brands to bring you the best in beauty, so you’ll discover new favorites each month. It’ll quickly become your favorite way to try a range of strands, brands, and products tailored to your personal preferences! You’re styling, we’re styling. It’s a win-win.

Our monthly Birchbox subscription boxes will give you a happy surprise every month with five beauty products. You can select either a sample box or our styling box, which includes samples to try out and coupons on full-size items that are perfect for gifting!


So what’s your next subscription box going to be?

Subscription boxes are designed to excite you and also educate you on products in things you are interested in. So, we suggest finding one and giving it a try.

Most boxes will let you get one box for free or at a discount with a coupon code, so there is no harm in ordering a box and checking out the goods!

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