Do you want to join the monthly subscription box game but don’t want to break the bank? You are in luck.

There are tons of subscription boxes to choose from that are affordable and can help you save money. In this article, we are going to look at the best subscription boxes for the frugal individual.

Let’s get started!

What Are Subscription Boxes?

A subscription box is when you get a recurring physical delivery of a variety of different products. Today, there are subscription boxes for just about every niche, allowing you to find a box that matches your hobbies and style. Some of the most popular subscription box niches include health and beauty, cooking, apparel, and household supplies.

The beauty of subscription boxes is that you do not have to think about reordering them, going to the store, or making a list. Instead, the subscription box is shipped to you once a month and contains a variety of products that you are interested in.

How Subscription Boxes Can Save You Money

Depending on what subscription box you look at, they certainly can seem like a waste of money. We are the first to admit that some subscription boxes are outrageously priced. If you choose your subscription box wisely, however, they can save you a whole lot of money.

The best time to get a subscription box is if you know you are already going to be spending money on those products. The reason why this is a great time to choose subscription boxes is that they typically give you smaller sizes of the product, meaning that you can try out the same products for half the price.

For example, say you like going to the store and trying out new makeup and skincare products. Anyone who has done any shopping in the health and beauty section knows that those items add up quickly. Getting a health and beauty subscription box will let you try out a variety of products for the cost of 1 item at the store.

11 Subscription Boxes for the Frugal Shopper

Now that we have talked about subscription boxes, let’s talk about the top 11 subscription boxes for the frugal individual to check out.

Love With Food

If you love trying out different snacks and foods, you should check out Love With Food. This subscription box cost about $10 a month and allows you to try eight different delicious and organic or all-natural snacks. You can even select a gluten-free box. The best part about Love With Food is that with every box you purchase, they donate one meal to hungry children.

Angel’s Cup

Are you someone that needs their coffee kick before getting up in the morning? Instead of getting the same old coffee each month, sign up for Angel’s Cup.

With Angel’s Cup, you can get four samples of coffee beans each month for about $20. You can also select smaller batches for a cheaper price if you would prefer that instead.

Field to Cup

I know this is a hot take, but I am a tea drinker over coffee. Field to Cup allows you to receive four different types of loose leaf teas every month. The best part about this option is that it is incredibly cheap, costing as little as $7 a month. For loose leaf tea, that’s a tough price to beat.

Birchbox Man

Even though many health and beauty subscription boxes are marketed towards women, Birchbox Man gives men a chance to get five grooming samples every month.

You begin by creating a grooming profile so they can match you with the products you are most interested in. Birchbox Man costs $10 a month and lets you rack up points so you can redeem for full-sized products.


One of the most known subscription box brands is Ipsy Glam Bag. It sends you five beauty products tailored to your preferences. Not only does Ipsy cost only $10 a month, but they send you top-notch products that even the stars love.


As a woman, I know two of the most annoying products to shop for are pads and tampons. Even though I’ve been shopping for them for years, I always seem to run out right when I need them most. LOLA will deliver 100% organic feminine products every month. You get to select the product you prefer and the frequency of its being delivered.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has some of the cheapest subscription boxes on our list. With a range between $1 and $9 a month, you can choose between three different razors and how often to receive razor blades. Plus, you get other high-quality shaving products with your razor and blades.

Used Books Monthly

I’ve always been told that books are a buyer’s market, and that’s certainly the case with this subscription box. With Used Books Monthly, you can get hand-selected used books for just under $6 a month. The books you will receive are based on your favorite genres and reading preferences.


With EarFleek, you can pay as little as $5 every month for a cute pair of 100% nickel-free earrings. Given that earrings are so expensive, this is a super frugal way to create a killer earring collection. This subscription box offers a wide range of earring styles, ranging from simple to flashy.

Smartass and Sass

Are you looking for a subscription box that gives you a whole lot of variety? Smartass and Sass is the choice for you. This subscription box sends you a witty T-shirt with a couple of other small items to showcase your quirky personality.

Loot Wear

Loot Wear is a great way to add new pieces of clothing to your wardrobe every month. You get to choose between underwear, socks, wearable, tees, or women’s appearance. It only costs $10 a month. That’s a price you truly can’t beat for clothing.


Subscription boxes can be a great way to save money because they let you purchase your favorite items at a discounted price. Any of the above-mentioned subscription boxes are a great way to get your subscription box fix without breaking the bank.

Not to mention, subscription boxes will feel like you are treating yourself. Given the tough year, we have had and how hard we’ve all been working, we deserve an opportunity to get excited once a month when our box comes in the mail.

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