Earning cash back on every purchase sounds impossible. But believe it or not, there are dozens of trusted applications that pay you! First, you need to separate the good applications from the bad ones by determining the amount of cashback you will receive and your overall goals.

Some applications promise substantial cash rewards, only to disappoint you with gift cards and limitations. The gray line between good and lousy cashback applications is why you must evaluate each application carefully before downloading it. Weigh their uses, benefits, and drawbacks to decide if they fit into your daily shopping habits.

This article discusses the best and worst applications for earning cashback so you can start earning money back in your daily life!

The Best Cashback Apps

Many excellent applications offer cashback options like instant cashback and cashback transfers so that you can make money back on every shopping trip.

According to Money Under 30, clipping coupons is unrealistic, time-consuming, and unnecessary. Instead, using cashback applications is a better way of saving money because you can cut costs and reap benefits from the accumulated savings, which act like air miles, accruing numbers until you can cash them out for rewards later.

The following applications are the best cashback apps because of how much money you will get back by using them.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is an excellent application for people who do not stick to one store. This app lets you redeem coupon codes at any store, saving you money on purchases. After redeeming the codes, you will earn cashback on all your savings. Plus, you can shop online with Checkout 51, so there is no need to fret about shopping in-person.

You can purchase up to five of each item, earning a rebate for each. Plus, you have the opportunity for additional savings and double bonuses.

For example, a $1.00 rebate might double on Tuesday because it is eligible for a bonus. These bonuses are exclusive to Checkout 51, making it one of the best applications for earning cashback.

You can cash out every $20 with a check in the mail. Although this is inconvenient for some people, it is much better (and less limiting) than gift cards!


Ibotta is a great starting app for people looking to save money and earn cashback on their groceries and other goods. According to The Penny Hoarder, you can upload a picture of your receipt to earn your rewards.

You can transfer the money directly to Venmo, PayPal, or cash out into a significant retailer gift card like Target, Walmart, and much more. The minimum payout threshold is twenty dollars. You can earn a twenty-dollar bonus if you redeem ten offers in the first fourteen days after signing up.


Rakuten is a reliable cashback app for eager shoppers looking to earn money back on everyday purchases. Using Raketen is easy; simply photograph your receipt after purchase and apply for an instant rebate. New rebates are uploaded daily to ensure that you get the best cashback offers. Unfortunately, many of the offers are not stackable.

Once your balance reaches over twenty dollars, you can choose to receive your money through either check or a PayPal deposit. There is no fee for using Rakuten, or initial fee for downloading the Rakuten application. Furthermore, you are not required to pay a withdrawal fee.


Coupons.com is one of the most reliable cashback applications because of its easy navigation, quick return, and straightforwardness. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Coupons.com has instant cashout options. This application links directly to your PayPal account, so you can cash out through PayPal within forty-eight hours. Plus, there is no minimum, unlike many other cashback applications.

The Coupons.com application is great because of the constantly updated deals. New offers arrive daily. However, the major update occurs on Sunday.

The Worst Cash Back Apps

Not all cashback applications offer great cashback opportunities.

While there are benefits to every cashback application, some have drawbacks that can make them limiting. Depending on your preferred payment method, certain apps might be better than others. You may also want to choose applications that accommodate your shopping habits.

For instance, cashback applications like TopCashback do not provide cashback rewards at grocery stores. If you need to earn cashback at specific stores, limited applications can be problematic. Limitations are not exclusive to the stores, either. Unfortunately, some applications may not work on specific mobile devices or require strange payouts like gift cards.

Below, you will see some of the worst cashback applications. These applications have their benefits. However, the drawbacks, unfortunately, make them some of the worst cashback applications available.


TopCashback is a beautiful application that offers real cashback opportunities for people who shop at some of the many partnered retailers. Unfortunately, there are several limitations to using this application, making it one of the worst cashback applications, such as:

  1. You cannot use TopCashback at grocery stores.
  2. You must make all purchases online through the application to earn cashback rewards.

These limitations mean that you can’t shop in-store.

As a result, TopCashback might not be a good choice for people who want to save money on groceries, the largest monthly expense behind rent and utilities. It is also a lousy app for people who want an in-person shopping experience.

Fetch Rewards

Many people love using the Fetch Rewards saving application, but it can be inconvenient to want real cash rewards. Fetch Rewards does not offer cashback.

Instead, shoppers accumulate points and then earn gift cards as rewards. However, if you do not mind earning your rewards via gift cards, this application might be a perfect way to earn “cash” back.

There are three ways for shoppers to earn these gift card rewards.

  • (A) Shoppers may buy items from qualifying brands, (B)shop featured items in the app, or (C) scan their receipt after shopping.
  • If you choose to scan your receipt, do it immediately after shopping.
  • There is only a fourteen-day window for uploading your receipts after purchasing.

You earn $1 for every thousand points spent and can cash out after earning three dollars. However, all rewards must be claimed through gift cards, meaning you cannot use them for necessities like bills or gasoline.


Swagbucks requires users to participate in polls and watch short videos to earn cashback. While this seems like a great way to earn cashback, it is inconvenient and time-consuming.

It would be best if you take surveys, as the process of watching videos can be lengthy. The dedication and time required to earn money make it one of the worst cashback applications.

Unlike most other cashback applications, you do not need to spend any money when using this app to earn money back, which is highly beneficial to those who do not have any excess money to spend. However, Swagbucks is still difficult to use and is not user-friendly.

Since this application is difficult to use, many people recommend checking out some of the advisory blogs before using it (if you decide to do so).

The Breakdown

Finding a user-friendly application that suits your shopping needs is the best way to get cashback on shopping. When looking for a good cashback rewards app, find something that suits your shopping habits so you can fulfill your shopping needs while earning money back in the process.

However, pay attention to the type of application you download, or you may not receive the monetary rewards you deserve.

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