Saving money is every frugal shopper’s A-game, but what if there was a way to improve your already fine frugal shopping techniques? The answer lies in our coupon hacks that will undoubtedly save your life…and save you money.

Whether you’re an absolute newbie in the world of frugal shopping or have tons of experience up your sleeve, using coupons wisely is a technique you can always improve on.

From new apps to organization tips and tricks, there’s so much to the world of coupons that you can use to your advantage.

Today, we’ll be delving into the world of coupon hacks that have helped expert frugal shoppers all over the world! With these tips and tricks, you’re destined to save money AND time!

So, let’s dive into the world of coupons and hacks to make the science of coupons easier for you.

Coupon Tips and Tricks You Need To Try

Shopping with coupons and discounts is nothing but fun. From insane sales to getting 3 for 1, the possibilities of money-saving are endless.

However, the world of coupon shopping isn’t where you work hard; it’s where you work smart.

The key to frugal shopping is to maintain a schedule, organize the plan, and acquire all tools necessary to put the grand scheme into action. Once these conditions are met, you have a working plan and schedule to get you in the frugal shopping process like clockwork.

Here are some useful coupon tips and tricks that we’ve gathered to help you strategize and plan your frugal shopping wisely.

1. Organization is Key

Whether you’re collecting physical coupons or you’re collecting coupons digitally, the organization of them is key to maintaining their usage and finding them at the right moment.

Traditional frugal shoppers have used crafty techniques to make themselves the perfect coupon organizers. You can try opting for a binder with multiple divisions, this way, you can add the coupon according to the category separator in the binder.

Another fun way to store coupons manually is by making tags and placing them file style in a container. The vouchers can be separated by dividers, and the labels will help locate whatever is required.

However, if you’re someone looking to go for the digital route, you must check out the app “Coupon Keeper.” This app helps organize your digitally acquired coupon codes by dividing them into your chosen categories. This is incredibly helpful for someone who’s well acquainted with technology and prefers to keep all their important stuff in one place.

discount app

Additionally, physical and digital planners are great for marking down sale days, keeping the inventory of your coupon collection and all upcoming deals. However, if there’s a reserve of coupons you simply don’t use, it’s best to just give them away to people in need.

2. Discount Apps Are Your Best Friend

Discount apps will save you time and money. All you need is to take one of these apps out and let the cash saving magic unravel before your eyes. Here are the best discount apps:

Saving Star App


This app will allow you to save money at over 100 commercial stores, and all you will need to do is look up the store and find the offers you can avail, or you can activate them at individual purchases or even multiple ones; the control is yours!


To get discounted prices, these are the two options you have:

  • If you happen to own a loyalty reward card at a particular store, you can just swipe your card, and the offer will be applied by syncing up the app and the card.
  • If you don’t have a loyalty rewards card, just shop as you do, save the receipt, and then scan it to reap all the benefits.


The savings will then be applied in between 2 to 14 days, and after reaching the $20 mark, you can quickly cash out the money through your preferred method.


Ibotta App


Ibotta is a cult favorite amongst frugal shoppers. With 300 supporting stores, Ibotta is one of the most convenient and rewarding cash back apps out there.


There are multiple new offers added every week, so the savings just keep coming.

To get the cash back discounts, you get three main options:

  • Submitting the receipt: Similar to Saving Star, you need to complete the tasks to unlock the discounts, make your purchase at the specific store as usual, and then scan your receipt through the app.
  • Linking up with your loyalty account: Find the store you’re looking to shop from, link your loyalty card, and you’re done. Once you make purchases with your card, the savings will automatically get transferred to your account.
  • In-app purchases: Open the app, find the discounts and offers you would like to use, and it will direct you straight to the website from where you can make purchases online, and the savings will be transferred within a day!


Checkout 51 App


This super simple app makes savings on grocery shopping much more simplified.


All you will require to do is download the app and then pick an offer from the ones they post every Thursday. Then go to any store, make the purchase, scan the receipt, and viola the discounts have been availed.


Once you hit $20 in savings, they will simply mail the check to you! Just go to the place with your choice brands, and you can simply avail the discounts instead of looking for specific stores.


Fetch Rewards App


Similar to Checkout 51, Fetch Rewards requires you to simply download the app, link your details, pick an offer and go shopping.


Additionally, you can submit the receipt and avail points that can be redeemed for a bunch of gift cards.


Their special offers feature will require you to simply purchase the product and earn the points.


ReceiptPal App


This scanning app allows you to scan your points and attach your Amazon account to avail points on that platform as well.


You can quickly redeem these points through gift cards and cash prizes. Additionally, the app gives away weekly cash prizes to selected members, so just being a member means cash back!



3. Shopping Sales by Date

This goes without saying but mark your calendars with all the sale opportunities you can handle. Then, after you’ve drawn the dates and the stores, it’s time to do some coupon matching.

4. Save Money at Target with Circle Offers

If you shop at Target often, downloading the Target app will save you some money. They offer a bunch of discounts right inside their app. Most of these offers are available for pre-packaged goods and new products.

The ways to utilize these offers is by adding the “Circle” offers on your phone and scan the phone at checkout. This way, you can get tons of discounts such as 40% off some spaghetti sauce, 10% off yogurts, and cereal bars, just simple things you need daily.

5. How to Get More Coupons (That You Want)

Coupons are the frugal shopping essential, and most frugal shoppers stock up on any coupon code they can find. However, because of that, you might get stuck with coupons you don’t need.

So, what should you ideally do in that situation? Here are some coupon fixes you can pull off to get the maximum use out of unwanted coupons.

  • Dial-up your friends and compare your unwanted coupons. Who knows that maybe your unwanted voucher could be precisely what they need and vice versa.
  • Coupon exchange parties are a thing for frugal shoppers, so why not host your own? All these unwanted coupons may find a home in this party.
  • Sign yourself up for free samples as many of these sites and brands offer coupon codes alongside the free samples.
  • Ask around for unwanted Sunday newspaper coupons. Most people you know won’t be using them, so why not ask them and save your bill?
  • Check out discount magazines and local newspapers to get your hands on some neat coupon codes.
  • The local library or grocery store may have some sort of coupon exchange box; if not, set up your own! That way, the frugal neighborhood shoppers can help each other out and save loads of time and, of course, money.


Shop wisely with coupons and rebate apps. With all these tips and tricks, we hope you can maximize your coupon inventory outcomes and stock up on the essentials at significantly lower prices. Happy shopping!

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